Visual Insight

A Language Rich Environment

A theme day based on the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar would be introduced at storytime with the book or an interactive flannel piece story. Snack could be served of what the caterpillar eats in this story -oranges, plums, cheese, watermelon, etc.  Children can recreate the story by drawing their own version (seen right) or by making painted handprint caterpillars, tissue paper versions, or glued creations of pom pons that explore many creative expressions.  An outdoor walk in our Butterfly Garden is a great nature extension.  Puzzles and butterfly match games are often added for play extension.

Hands on Learning
A great example occurs each Spring for Earth Day.  Books and activities build awareness on recycling and being kind to our planet.  There is joy and pride in planting our own flowers outside our school doors.  We also received caterpillars to take care of and witnessed the process of metamorphosis within each classroom.  After they hatched, each class was able to release their butterflies into the
church gardens.

Work is their Play for Everyday Growth and Learning!  
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Tactile / Sensory Experiences