Rainbow Kidkare Policy  

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License - Hours - Fees
Care - Substitutes - Transportation
Discipline - Emergencies - Illnesses
Meals- Schedule - Belongings - Naps
Smoking Policy - Going Home - Insurance
Capacity - Admission

            LICENSE Located in the country in a small town, license renewed every two years.  Certified for CPR and 1st Aid and all MN safety and training requirements.  
            CARE I am glad you chose me to give your child care during the day.  Call or stop in any time during the day.  A good relationship between a provider and parent is important. I will try to follow any special concerns daily, so don't hesitate to talk to me.

My aim is to provide a safe and happy environment, healthy meals, constructive and creative play, activities, attention and affection for your child. I will help them develop a positive self image and to help them get along with others. A happy child is a learning child!   

            DAYS & HOURS 6 AM to 6 PM - Monday thru Friday

If it is going to be after 6:00, please call. I do have a charge for after 6:00.  Please let me know if you are not coming as planned each day. A consistent group of kids makes for a HAPPY daycare.

Not open New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the following Friday, Christmas and Christmas Eve. Top

$ 3.00 per hour for 1 child
$ 2.25 per hour for 2nd child 
$ 1.25 per hour for 3rd child
$ 1.00 per hour for 4th child

Payments will be every other Friday, unless you prefer weekly.

**Minimum of 30 hours per week (figured as 60 hrs. in 2 weeks x 3.00 for 1 child). Two children under K, it is 60 hrs x 5.00 minimum.  This is year round to keep preschool, toddler and infants spots.  No minimum for school kids before & after school.
** $5.00  per day for either BS or AS or both BS/AS for school child (8.00 for 2 children, 10.00 for 3 children) Not included in the  minimum of younger siblings

**Extra fee 5.00 for not canceling or late pickup (after 6:00) and 5.00 late pay past Monday.

**Maternity leave of 8 weeks ~ charged no minimum

**Preschool,  Play and Learn, swimming lessons, ballgames and other events  ARE charged while gone due to meals provided before and after and watching for pickup and arrival. Top

            SMOKING & DRUGS Smoking and use of drugs are NOT allowed in my home at anytime, even off daycare hours. I will inform substitutes.Top  
            SUBSTITUTES There may be times when I will need a substitute in an emergency. Unless notified you may bring your children and I will provide a licensed approved substitute. If other arrangements need to be made, I will tell you as soon as possible. Top  
            IMMUNIZATIONS Must be recorded and up to date and filed with the provider. Include a flu shot. Top  
Please inform me of changes in School Bus plans. School bus pickups and drops off here, as well as the Preschool Van.
On your Admissions Form you will need to sign permission to transport your child for emergencies. I will not transport your child. I will call the parents. . Top
            MEALS I serve breakfast, lunch, and snack, following the pyramid for nutritious food. Your child decides what to eat and how much to eat. Any food or snack brought from home must be shared. No gum please. Please provide breast milk or formula of you choice for infants.  Top  
            DISCIPLINE Discipline includes talking to the child and time-away but in site. Then we drop it unless it's repeated. The time is 1 minute per age of your child. There will be no physical discipline in my daycare. Praise, attention & rewards for toilet training. Top,  
            EMERGENCIES Emergency plan on file and handed out to parents.  Fire and storm drills will be practiced. I will follow safety rules and try to avoid injury. You will be notified if your child is injured and an ambulance would be called if your child needs that attention. Medications will be given with permission. Top  
            ILLNESS I will tell you if your child becomes ill, with a temperature above 100 degrees, diarrhea or vomiting, I will try to make them comfortable until they are picked up. I will inform you of any serious contagious Illnesses as soon as it is known, please let me know also.  Keep in mind that most illnesses are contagious before we see symptoms, but we do our best. 

Your child should  be free from fever (temperature above 100 degrees without medication), diarrhea and vomiting for 12 hours before he/she returns.

            BELONGINGS A "cubby" will be provided for each family. Please bring SLIP-ON shoes for spring and summer. Bring swimsuits & towels to leave here. I will dry them at night.  Bring boots, snow pants, hats and mittens for mud season and winter and you can take them home to dry at night.  . Thanks for leaving toys at home, as it keeps bad feelings away. A book or movie is OK to bring.   Infants bring disposable diapers, wet ones, 3 bottles, formula or breast milk, 2 pacifiers & floor blankets etc.  Top  
            NAPS  There are individual mats for each child. The rest period is 2 hours, with a suitable movie for the older ones who do not need to sleep. This time gives your child a rest and time for my lunch break or rest. s Provide favorite blanket to stay here to prevent sad kids. Top  

Infant Sleep Policy – I will:

1.     Place infants on their backs to sleep.

2.     Use a firm crib mattress covered in a fitted sheet. Babies will not sleep in a bed, couch or chair. If fall asleep, will move to crib soon as possible. No bed sharing.

3.     Keep cribs clear of blankets, toys, pillows, any soft objects & bumpers.

4.     No smoking on my property, no second-hand smoke.

5.     Light clothing for sleeping

6.     Encourage pacifier use

            FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE -Breakfast till 8:00 with sharing

-Activities, projects, reading, or singing-Free play with toys for all ages inside or outside

-Dinner-talking about colors, food, shapes, numbers, letters, opposites, weather, weekdays and months, patterns, etc.

-Outdoor play--with climbing hut, swings, lawn, patio for rollerblades, basketball, etc. ** Not allowed past the bushes or on the rocks or in buildings

-Rest time--with a movie

-Snack time around 3:30pm

-Free play     Top

            GOING HOME Only persons listed on the Admission Form can take your children home. Top  
            INSURANCE As a daycare provider, I am not required to carry liability insurance. There is a form you will sign. Top  
            LICENSE Licensed for 14 Children

4 must be 5 years old

4 infant toddlers/3 of these infants ( infant 12 months and younger, toddlers under 2 years old)

If over 12 children present, must have helper (helper must be older than13 years & taken SUID & AHT)





The following forms must be on file, filled out and signed by the parent before beginning daycare:

Admission Form with names, ages, phone numbers, authorized to take child,  allergies, authorizing emergency care and transportation

Immunization Records

Administering Medications

Emergency Plan

Back to Sleep Plan

Liability Waiver

Read copy of MN Rules (provider has copy) and Policy (MN daycare rules require a policy, so this is it!)  Top