Rainbow Flight
Sarah Childers

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version 1.0
(released September 9, 2002)
freeware, terminal
download diffnc

Diff-No-Comments compares files (diff wrapper) ignoring changes in source code comments.


  • Treats comments and whitespace in source code as no change.
  • Supports C, shell script, Matlab, and Apple Script style comments.
  • Supports a relevent subset of diff flags.


version 1.1
(belatedly released May 20, 2006)
freeware, Mac OS X 10.1.5 or earlier
download Dock-a-bye

Dock-a-bye is an applescript to kill (quit) the dock without it respawning (coming back).

Read This!

Please note that Dock-a-bye is not currently supported on Mac OS X 10.2 and later!

Unsupported means that I provide no guarantees that Dock-A-Bye will succeed in killing the dock: on most of the newer systems, Dock-A-Bye isn't fast enough to quit the Dock before the Dock restarts itself again, and after about 20 seconds Dock-A-Bye admits defeat and quits. If it does succeed with quiting the dock on your system, then feel free to continue using Dock-A-Bye! In any event, it is safe and will not harm your system. (The reason for the screwy behavior in OS 10.2 and later is due to the Dock quiting and restarting. Click here for a more technical description.) I will not provide technical support.


  • Force quits the dock and stops it from restarting.
  • It can be used on multiple user systems since it does not modify Dock.app.
  • It can be used as a startup item so you never have to see the Dock again.


Dock-a-Bye version 1.0 released February 4, 2003
Dock-a-Bye version 1.1 released May 20, 2006


version 1.3.1
(released February 11, 2004)
freeware, Mac OS X, terminal
download qtplay

Quicktime player is a command line utility to play Audio CD's, MP3's, and other music files.


  • Plays any audio file supported by Quicktime, including Audio CDs, AIFF, MIDI, and MP3.
  • Special flag for simply playing CDs, for lazy people.
  • Playlist features such as loop, shuffle, and random.
  • Special flag for reading playlist via standard input.
  • Support for playing files in a random order while keeping playlists (ie. symphonies) in tact.
  • Support for process signals: SIGINT, SIGTSTP, and SIGCONT.

What's New

  • Fixed bug so playing Aliases works again.
  • Fixed bug when playing playlist so correctly interprets relative (as well as absolute) paths within a file.
  • Un-hardcoded mount point for Audio CDs.
  • Added "--" flag to force stop processing options.
  • Fixed bugs for error messages when use flags incorrectly.

Archives and Source Code

qtplay version 1.0 released September 9, 2002 (source code)
qtplay version 1.1 released September 28, 2002 (source code)
qtplay version 1.2 released December 23, 2002 (source code)
qtplay version 1.3 released September 18, 2003 (source code)
qtplay version 1.3.1 released February 11, 2004 (source code)

Rainbow Text

version 1.1
(released October 15, 2002)
freeware, Mac OS X
download Rainbow Text

Rainbow Text is a fun utility and text service to colorize text into a rainbow.


  • Colorizes text into a rainbow(s) for the default saturation and brightness and starting hue.
  • Built-in text Service for Rainbow Text allows text from other Cocoa applications to be colorized.
  • Applescript support.

What's New

  • Added Apple Script support.
  • Added Toolbar.
  • New preference item: option to automatically have the application open an untitled window.
  • bug fix - set the text box to enable typing (instead of "click to type") for a new window
  • bug fix - fixed problem of having to "double click to activate" the preference's color well
  • bug fix - clicking revert while editing "number of rainbows" now updates appropriately
  • bug fix - correctly register application defaults (changed signature to com.rainbowflight.rainbowtext)


Rainbow Text version 1.0 released November 11, 2001
Rainbow Text version 1.1 released October 15, 2002
Apple Script script version of rainbow text desinged March 21, 2000 for AOL Instant Messenger for Mac OS 9.x or earlier.

Speech Queue

version 1.0
(released July 30, 2002)
freeware, Mac OS X
download Speech Queue

Speech Queue is an Apple Scriptable utility and text service to speak text with customizable voices using Apple's Text-To-Speak.


  • Speaks the text message in the assigned voice.
  • Speaks messages in the order recieved.
  • The user can pause, un-pause, or stop speaking the messages.
  • Text Service for Speech Queue to allow text from other Cocoa applications to be spoken.
  • Applescript support allows scripts to speak text without worrying about having the script pause until it is done speaking.
  • User defined voices can set custom voice name, rate, pitch, modulation, and volume.

Archives and Source Code

To be released next version.