Pet Parade
The annual Rainbow Elementary Pet Parade is Monday, October 31, at 1:00pm.  Bring your pets to school for an Olympic-athlete themed pet parade, dressed, decorated, or all natural.  Come and participate in this special event! 

We are ready to kick-off the 2016-2017 Reflections program!  The theme for this year is WHAT IS YOUR STORY?”. The deadline for entries is:  OCTOBER 28, 2016 (Friday).  Please ensure all entries have a completed Student Entry Form attached.  A fillable PDF entry form is available by clicking the following link.  Hard copies will also be available at the front desk of Rainbow Elementary.

5th/6th Grade Social
The annual 5th and 6th Grade Social is October 21, from 3-5pm.  The theme is "Hollywood".  As you all know, it takes an army of volunteers and generous donations from our parents to make this event fun and memorable for our kids.  We need drinks, door prizes and monetary donations.  Monetary donations will be used to cover costs of food and decorations.  Please click one of the below links to donate to this year's social. All donations can be dropped off in the front office with Cindy Moeller.  Please label them "5th/6th Grade Social".

5th/6th Grade Social Donations (drinks and door prizes)     

By clicking the following link, you can contribute to our 2016-17 Hassle-Free Fundraiser, join PTA, pay for student materials (if you haven't paid yet), and purchase coupon books.  Rainbow Pay Online

                                            Upcoming Event 

    Thank you to our 2016-2017 Corporate Sponsors who help us fund our Enrichment Programs.  Every year it is our honor to receive these donations from community businesses.  If you own a business or would like to participate in our Corporate Sponsorship Program please click here for additional information.

    Rainbow Elementary PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parent volunteers, teachers, and local community members. By joining Rainbow PTA, you are able to vote on the year's budget, bylaws, and officers. We encourage 100% membership of our teachers and parents in order to give our local PTA a strong vote on state and national issues.

    Donate to the PTA!  All contributions are tax deductible. 


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