Moon Calendar

June 2014 Moon Step Calendar

         Each month this page will provide both jpeg picture and pdf link to the current Moon Step Calendar to print for your personal use. This calendar provides Key Words for the Day related to the Rainbow Aloha Developmental Steps.  These can be used for planning activities to receive an assist from nature to accomplish goals for the day.

Life Odyssey Rainbow Moon Cycle Calendar


of Developmental Growth and Creation Steps



          This Calendar is designed to increase awareness of the natural developmental steps seen in the cycles of each day, month, year, human lifespan, and any creative endeavor. 

        It can assist you to live consciously and work with the natural cycle of energy to accomplish your life goals.   The steps can also be used to plan specific daily assignments as part of a self-guided ascension or healing program.

Each calendar box includes:


-  the Actual Day of the Month, example  6/26

-  the Developmental Moon Day Step, example  DS 16


Developmental Stages of the Cycle& Key Step Words for the Day

(This information was synthesized by Ana Carol Kaleolani Roland

from a lifelong comparison study of ancient and modern psychology systems.)


There are the Ten Developmental Ages, each includes three steps: Conception, Gestation, Infancy, Family-Clan Influence,

Local Community Influence, Individualization, Young Adult Mergers, Active Adult Community Contributions,

Mature Adult Review & Release, & Dark of the Moon (Spiritual Recharging).


+Yang, (-)Yin, rChange:  describes if this is a day of +Yang Visualization, a (-)Yin work process day,

            Or rChange - a day of completion and preparation for the next Stage.


Additional Information


-  Primary moon phase days, example New, QTR & Full         

-   Moon entry into each Astrology Sign, example  ‚¢a

-   Sun entry into each Astrology Sign, example  8¢_

- Solar or Lunar Eclipse


For Information about this and other versions of the Developmental Step Calendar contact:


Ana Carol Kaleolani Roland

Ana Carol Roland,
Jun 1, 2014, 11:21 AM
Ana Carol Roland,
Jun 1, 2014, 11:21 AM