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                                                         created by Ana Carol Kaleolani Roland

This is the Astrology System used by Rainbow Aloha Life Coaches for an in depth identification and exploration of the Internal Sub-Personalities.  The Rainbow Aloha Developmental Step processes are then used to help mature and empower each Sub-Personality.  The combination of the Sub-Personality identification and assistance with maturation and empowerment processes is called Life Odyssey Program.

The purpose of this combined Psychology and Astrology Life Coaching approach is to see the Life as One continuous challenging odyssey process with a purpose of maturation each individual. 

Rainbow Aloha Astrology uses Hawaiian Spirituality and belief in multidimensional eternal Spirit-Souls as its foundation.  However, the sub-personality maturation and empowerment processes leading to Conscious Spiritual Living can also be applied to the person who believes in only one life to a person and in the Spirit of Humanity.   The primary goal is to awaken and empower each individual to live a life of Conscious Choice.

Rainbow Aloha Astrology was created by Ana Carol Kaleolani Roland as the result of  her Life Odyssey journey which included years of exploration into many forms of psychology, religions, mystery school, astrology, and other systems designed to help humans understand themselves and their role in all of Nature.  This was a search for the golden threads  of commonality through the piles and piles of individual and group opinion and dogma.

Ana Carol began an intensive study of Astrology in 1972 and opted to delay offering professional astrology coaching until after obtaining a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1983.  She was concerned about careless readings she and many friends had encountered during her years of research.  She believes Astrology is a beautiful tool to assist people in self understanding.  It is a symbolic language that allows the one to present the energy or essence of a situation with a few words or symbols which transcend national languages.

She believes that  Astrology can be used as one of the tools to help people mature to their full potential and the purpose of the incarnation.  The astrology charts are instructions manuals for the person's life.  It gives the results of their entry exam, showing what is known and what needs to be learned by the individual sub-personalities and the group when they mature enough to become a unified Aloha Team.  The astrology chart also provides the individual Sub-Personality goals and clues to integrate each into the whole Life Purpose and Legacy.  Movement techniques of astrology can help see the lessons at any period in life and understand the cycles of growth.

However, being an Astrology Life Coach requires more than knowledge of the mechanics.  It also requires maturity and knowledge of techniques to assist the person to use the energy shown to be available in the chart for their personal maturation and empowerment.    It also helps to be aware of  tools available in other systems to assist in communication and providing techniques to understand the developmental lesson to be learned.  For example, Feng Shui provides a tangible and visual  tool for an action to assist in remembering and accomplishing the challenges that can be seen in the Astrology Chart.  Readings all too often seemed to just validate the challenges already being experienced without providing anything tools to accomplish them.  They rarely put the current challenge into the perspective of the whole life learning curriculum.

Rainbow Aloha Astrology differs in many ways from Medieval European Astrology.  It uses the a combination of heliocentric and geocentric chart calculations.  It uses the Tropical Zodiac with the belief that it is the different tensions encountered by the Earth in its journey around the Sun that are important.  The differing tensions are caused by the relationship between the Earth, the Sun, and the Galactic Center.  This is the cause of the elliptical shaped orbit with Earth actually closer to the Sun in Capricorn and farthest in Cancer. 

The Signs are seen as parts of Developmental Stages found in every cycle. Their energy descriptions can be applied to the Rainbow Aloha Developmental Cycles seen in the Lunar Month, a Day, a human lifetime, and the cycle of any creative project.   They can also be seen in the divisions of other self exploration systems such as Native American and Celtic Medicine Wheels and the Feng Shui Ba Gua.

The Planets of Rainbow Aloha Astrology are interpreted as Sub-Personalities.  They are presented using Hawaiian gods and goddesses to represent the equivalent archetype described in astrology for the Roman planet names.

The Chart is seen as representing the Total Person.  It  shows both the physical Life Vessel and the Crew of 12 Sub-Personalities.  The angles of the chart represent four areas of work assignments.  Each area has three Sub-Personalities with natural skills for this area but the Natal Chart shows the reassignment of these Planet Sub-Personalities to different areas for the purpose of learning new skills.   Usually assignments to the four areas are not evenly distributed, leaving some of the Sub-Personality Crew to have their energy split between areas of natural skill and their new assignments.  These additional assignments also change with progressions in age and with relocation.

The Colors of Rainbow Aloha Astrology Signs, Houses, and Planets differ greatly from Medieval European Astrology.  They follow a natural rainbow progression.  Signs are seen as pairs of the same color ray, with one side translucent and the other sign opaque.  The Planet Sub-Personality ruling each Sign has a corresponding color.

Rainbow Aloha Astrology uses some of the concepts of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala as presented by Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry.  This is an ancient Hawaiian Philosophy of Living passed through generations of the ancient Hawaiian Kuamo'o family. 

A section of the Web Site is dedicated to the work of Mahealani and her helpers.  It includes portions of the book I wrote about my experiences with her on Hawaii Island.  She is Aunty Mahealani Kuamo’o Henry, Kumu ‘Elele ‘O Na Kupuna.  You can learn more about Mahealani at her own Web Site:   www.alohaspiritaunty.com/