Rainbow for Africa is an Italian non-profit association whose primary mission is to increase the quality, specificity and accessibility of health systems in developing countries.
Our main priority is training health local personnel in developing countries, believing that to be the only method that guarantees a long lasting social and health development.
We are also involved in promoting cooperation through awareness-raising campains in schools and colleges. Rainbow for Africa also seekto obtain a widespread awareness among young students, giving them the opportunity to participate as an active part in ongoing projects.

Rainbow for Africa promotes e-learning and telemedicine as a powerful tool to allow professional training at distance and consultancy in remote areas. For that reason we also name ourself sometimes as R@inbow for Africa, to emphasize in our name the attention we pay to web-related technologies for health.
Rainbow for Africa dreams a world in which everyone has equal access to efficient health services, able to ensure independent development and self-determination of individuals and peoples.
A world in which participation, sharing and collaboration merge in the most colorful of the Rainbows.
We realized projects in the following countries:
  • Ethiopia
  • Burkina Faso
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Haiti