2019 Seminars: AEAs meetings-Atlanta, MIPP, LACEA Brain-DC, NASMES-UW (scheduled), FGV Sao Paulo School of Economics (scheduled), EEA-ESSEM-Manchester (scheduled), PUC-Chile (scheduled), Universidad de la República (scheduled), Universidad de Montevideo (scheduled).


“Shelter from the Storm: Upgrading Housing Infrastructure in Latin American Slums" (2017) (with Sebastian GalianiPaul J. Gertler, Ryan Cooper, Sebastian Martinez, and Adam Ross)  Journal of Urban Economics, Vol 98, March 2017, pp 187-213
NBER Working Paper No 19322. [Accepted Version]
Media Coverage: [IADB Blog][World Bank Blog]

“The Half Life of Happiness: Hedonic Adaptation in the Subjective Well-being of Poor Slum Dwellers to a Large Improvement in Housing" (2018) (with Sebastian Galiani and Paul J. GertlerJournal of the European Economic AssociationVolume 16, Issue 4, August 2018, pp 1189–1233
NBER Working Paper No 21098.  [Accepted Version]

Working Papers

Presentations: LACEA 2017; FEN U.Chile; 2018 NBER Summer Institute2018 Advances with Field Experiments2019 AEA Meetings, LACEA BRAIN 2019, NASMES 2019 (scheduled), EEA-ESEM 2019 (scheduled). 
Media Coverage: [VoxDEV]
**** Nominated to the LACEA Juan Luis Londoño Prize to best paper on social issues by a young researcher ****

"Housing Gaps and Housing Externalities" (new draft coming very very soon)
Presentations: NEUDC 2016; INSEAD; Sciences Po; PUC-Chile; FEN U.Chile; DII-U.Chile; UDP; UAH; USACH; U. Florida; Fordham; NASMES 2018; EEA-ESEM 2018


"Happiness Economics and Public Policy: a contemporary introduction" joint with Cristian Larroulet Philippi (contract signed with Springer) [writing in progress]

Work in Progress

“Inequality, Mobility, and Polarization"  joint with Joan EstebanDebraj Ray, and Eugenio Rojas 

"Testing Gender Discrimination in the Chilean Credit Market through a Field Experiment" joint with Anita Montoya, Eric Parrado and Alex Solis (in the field) 
[Research Grant from CAF and MIPP]

"Social Housing and Social Integration" (in the field)
[Research Grant from MIPP]

"Aspirations, Social Norms, and Within-Group Inequality" with Juan Escobar

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