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00:00    TAsn    hi ^^Kidd^^
    ^^Kidd^^    hi!
    rfh    hi Kidd
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    TAsn    because you are such a CLI expert I gotta ask you something
00:01    ^^Kidd^^    XD
    TAsn    is there a CLI + remote controllable bittorent client?
00:02    ^^Kidd^^    rtorrent does the job... I usually hav ssh service up, and a screen session running
    ^^Kidd^^    but I don't know of any remote bittorrent client 'per se'
00:03    TAsn    what's that screen I allways hear people talk about?
    TAsn        ^^Kidd^^, I'll tell you my problem maybe you'll have a solution.

    rfh    Kidd, you ever burn CD, namely iso images, using VL 5.8?
00:04    ^^Kidd^^    no, I've only written a few Audio CD's
    rfh    ok thx
    TAsn    hm..
00:05    TAsn    I have a computer on my home network
    TAsn    which I use as a server...
    ^^Kidd^^    ok
    TAsn    which means it just runs and does nothing all day long =0
    TAsn    I wanna use it as a bittorent client
    TAsn    so that I will be able to download torrents
    ^^Kidd^^    you have a few options...
    TAsn    though I don't want to leave my computer running all day long
00:06    TAsn    and if I close the ssh session the download stopps
    TAsn    furthermore
    ^^Kidd^^    that's where GNUscren comes in
    ^^Kidd^^    screen
    TAsn    I want my brother using the other computer, to be able to shut it down.
    TAsn    what's GNUSCREEN?
00:07    ^^Kidd^^    it's a "terminal multiplexer". It allows to run programs inside it and just detatch the terminal client
    TAsn    nice.
    ^^Kidd^^    mmm.I don't know if I explained it well enough
00:08    TAsn    I got you
    TAsn    it means I can do something
    TAsn    detach
    TAsn    and then reattach from another computer, right?
    ^^Kidd^^    you can run many terminals inside ONE screen, and change betweenthem
    ^^Kidd^^    right
    TAsn    if so, that's exacly what I need= )
    ^^Kidd^^    CLI POWA!
00:09    ^^Kidd^^    From now on, you'll start to love console programs +SCREEN
    TAsn    I allready do =0
    ^^Kidd^^    you can run an IRC client,a msn client, a vim.... and reachable from everywhere
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    TAsn    which means
00:10    dxdt    so if I'm correct, vectorlinux is plays well with older machines, right?
    TAsn    screen is a vnc server for xperts =0
    TAsn    yeah
    ^^Kidd^^    sure
    TAsn    I got it running kinda fast
    TAsn    on a Celeron 600 mhz 64 mb ram
    TAsn    and samba server
    TAsn    sshd
    TAsn    firefox
    TAsn    cups
    ^^Kidd^^    the other option was run an vnc server with a gui bittorrent client... and a VERY lightweight WM
    TAsn    and more
00:11    TAsn        ^^Kidd^^, I wish that was possible

    TAsn    though there's a problem with that
    ^^Kidd^^    what?
    TAsn    hm... every howto I found about VNC
    TAsn    talks about opening a diffrent X from the one currently runing
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00:12    TAsn    which means I can't control xine from terminal
    TAsn    which is actually my main purpose
    TAsn    it's a computer I installed in my living room
00:13    TAsn    and connected it to the TV, sound system and so on.
00:16    ^^Kidd^^    and you would like to manage it from your desktop computer?
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    ^^Kidd^^_    my inet connection blew up!
00:18    TAsn    =\
    ^^Kidd^^    sorry :TAsn and connected it to the TV, sound system and so on..... what else....
    TAsn    that's it
    ^^Kidd^^    and you would like to manage it from your desktop computer?
    TAsn    exacly
    TAsn    what I did up untill now
    TAsn    is running win XP
    TAsn    and real vnc server
00:19    TAsn    and remote controlling it with my Laptop.
    TAsn    was great =0
    TAsn    next thing I gonna do is BT remote control, also added IR remote control
00:20    ^^Kidd^^    I don't know how linux behaves in IR matters....
    ^^Kidd^^    It can be difficult to configure. dunno
00:21    TAsn    google for LIRC
    TAsn    linux supports IR remote controlling
00:22    ^^Kidd^^    ¬¬.. I see....
    TAsn    anyhow, the remote control through the computer is the main thing I'm looking for.
    TAsn    screen will be great for that, right?
00:23    ^^Kidd^^    yes...
    TAsn    =))
    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn, would you try a thing in screen for me? I notice an annoying thing in VL5.8, but I don't know if its a problem of mine, or a package bug
    TAsn    is there a package for it?\
    ^^Kidd^^    slapt-get --install screen
    TAsn    hm.. sec
00:24    TAsn    let me ssh to my 5.8 computer
    TAsn    how do I make slapt-get to download with details?
00:25    TAsn    speed and remaining time?
    ^^Kidd^^    mm...I don't know, but screen is no more than 1Mb dl
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    TAsn    it's 400K
    TAsn    but still =
    TAsn    ok
00:27    TAsn    give me a short operatin how to plz
    ^^Kidd^^    ok start a console
    TAsn    and tell me what's that bug you wanna check
    TAsn    allready did
    ^^Kidd^^    screen
    ^^Kidd^^    a welcome screen should appear, and when pressing a key disappear
    TAsn    I'm beyond that
00:28    TAsn    how do I switch screens
    TAsn    ?
    TAsn    bash: /home/guest/.dbus-env: No such file or directory
    TAsn    xhost: unable to open display ""
    TAsn    huh?
    ^^Kidd^^    ctrl-a is the key that screen will catch and wait for a "command"
    ^^Kidd^^    you should enable remote X11 handling with xhost
00:29    TAsn    isn't that terribly insecure?
    TAsn    and why should I do that? isn't screen CLI?
00:30    ^^Kidd^^    yes,,,, but when something needs to open GUI...
    ^^Kidd^^    if you wanna spawn new console: ctrl-a c
    TAsn    ohh nvm about that for the time
    ^^Kidd^^    ctrl-a ctrl-c does the same
00:31    TAsn    no thet don't
        -> nullll has joined vectorlinux
    TAsn    ctrl c opens a new console
    TAsn    ctrl a switches active screen
00:32    nullll    i cant install packs
    ^^Kidd^^    allright, I ment ctrl-a ctrl-c == ctrl-a c
    nullll    when slapt-get --update
    TAsn    ok never mine that
    TAsn    just get to the bug!
    TAsn    nullll, what version are you running?
    TAsn    if less than 5.8
00:33    TAsn    go to the forums
    TAsn    there's a new slapt-get repos
    nullll    failed to download: unsupported protocol: =ftp
    nullll    soho 5.1
    ^^Kidd^^    in my 5.8 VL, screen don't accept backspace....
    TAsn    which means you can't delte stuff?
    nullll    but ive change the repos moe told me
    nullll    and doesnt work still
00:34    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, you mean you can't backspace inorder to delete stuff?
    ^^Kidd^^    I have to ctrl-h
    ^^Kidd^^    I suspect there's som config missing
    nullll    the question is why he exit than msg failed to download: unsupported protocol: =ftp
00:35    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn: is it working for you?
    TAsn    hm.. I guess you haven't installed appropriate ftp support
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, hm.. just backspacing to delete stuff?
    TAsn    yeah
    nullll    how i install it?
    TAsn    hm...
    ^^Kidd^^    allright,then it's me
    TAsn    search the web for a slack package
    TAsn    I dunno
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, yeah.
00:36    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn, on with the howto?
    TAsn    what does utmp slot not found
    TAsn    means?
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, sure
    ^^Kidd^^    I think screen opens "sockets" (or a kind of), and sometimes there are probs closing them
00:37        -> easuter has joined vectorlinux
    ^^Kidd^^    hi eas
    nullll    how can i install appropiate ftp support
    TAsn    easuter, I got the rt2500 drivers to compile
    easuter    hi
    easuter    working then?
    TAsn    well shitty as usual but yeah they work
    ^^Kidd^^    null, you should have ftp working by default
    easuter    lol
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, maybe he hadn't installed the correct packages?
    nullll    but why when i try to update the repos exit that code
00:38    easuter    btw, i made packages for the rt2500 and for the gui utility
    TAsn    easuter, though I have a problem with the nvidia driver =(
    nullll    failed to download: unsupported protocol: =ftp
    easuter    i can give you the ftp links
    TAsn    easuter, thanks, and good jpb =0
    nullll    ok
    TAsn    job
    ^^Kidd^^    I've just slapt-get --update and all works fine
    easuter    1 sec
    nullll    but that doesnt works whit me
    TAsn    easuter, there's no need since it compiled, though thanks alot for future re installations!
00:39    nullll    exit msg failed to download: unsupported protocol: =ftp
    ^^Kidd^^    nulll, first time using VL?
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, wouldn't screen be closed when I'll turn the ssh client off?
    ^^Kidd^^    maybe you need updated slapt-getrc
    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn, open a CLI progm and then shut the console down
    nullll    ive used un my laptop and no problem but am here in my desktop and i cant install new packs
    ^^Kidd^^    with the little croxx up-right
00:40    TAsn    croxx?
    nullll    can u help me to solve the problem?
    ^^Kidd^^    cross
    TAsn    you mean X?
    nullll    ^^Kidd^^_ maybe you need updated slapt-getrc I do it but exit that msg
    nullll    i update my packs in a forum MOE-lnx tolds me
    ^^Kidd^^    yup. sorry, my english is just rubbish
    TAsn    thanks easuter will it be in the official repos?
00:41    easuter
    easuter    there is the utility as well
    TAsn    thanks
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, closed it
    TAsn    now I ressh'd to it
    easuter    well, not going to send it untill i see if its ok (and maybe get some feedback from you ;))
    ^^Kidd^^    now open another terminal, and screen -R
00:42    TAsn    lol I got drivers allready
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, you are amazing!!!!!!!
    ^^Kidd^^    JAJAJ!!!!
    easuter    yeah, i know, but instead of recompiling all the time....
00:43    TAsn    hm.. next time I install I will try your drivers out!
    easuter    btw, the rt2500 driver pak is only for kernel
    easuter    ty
    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn, now do ctrl-a A
    TAsn    or do you want me to remove and install yours?
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, ok, and?
    ^^Kidd^^    and it'll ask you for a session nake
    ^^Kidd^^    name
    TAsn    no it doesn't
    TAsn    just ctrl-a?
    nullll    sorry friends where can find inf about my problem
    easuter    neh, don't worry, i'm going to test them on a friedns pc next week
00:44    ^^Kidd^^    ctrl-a shift-a
    TAsn    ohh right
    TAsn    ohh you mean
    TAsn    ctrl shift a?
    nullll    youre busy
    easuter    if you got a stable setup, then best not rock the boat
    ^^Kidd^^    nono... ctrl-a, and after shift-a
    TAsn    ohhh
    TAsn    ok
    TAsn    what should I set it to?
00:45    TAsn    and why does it matter?
    ^^Kidd^^    whatever: asdf is a good test name
    nullll    maybe is better choice test another distro
    TAsn    ok did so
    ^^Kidd^^    nulll, I'm sorry i can't help.... have you searched the forums
    ^^Kidd^^    ?
    nullll    yeah
    easuter    whats up null?
    nullll    but is an extrange error
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, now what?
    ^^Kidd^^    ok tasn, now magic.... ctrl-a " (that's double quote)
00:46    TAsn    why did I change it's name?
    nullll    i try to install pacjs
    nullll    packs
    easuter    and?
    TAsn    wow!!!!!
    TAsn    =0
    nullll    but slapt-get --update exit this msg
    TAsn    lol ^^Kidd^^_ I guess I'll stop using fluxbox
    TAsn    I'm moving to CLI =0
    nullll    failed to download: unsupported protocol: =ftp
    ^^Kidd^^    you can move with jk, or ctrl-p ctrl-n, and arrows
    ^^Kidd^^    XD
00:47    ^^Kidd^^    ratpoison is the X version of screen
    easuter    how about trying gslapt
    ^^Kidd^^    without reattachments
    ^^Kidd^^    but it's a screenish feeling
    easuter    btw, it looks like you probably entered a mirror name wrong
    TAsn    easuter, isn't Gslapt slapt-get based?
    easuter    yes
    TAsn    well ^^Kidd^^_ my hard drive crashed on the other computer I had
    TAsn    so the Xfce configs couldn't open correctly
00:48    TAsn    which means
    TAsn    I had a ratpoision look alike =0
    nullll    gslapt Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
    nullll    Xlib: No protocol specified
    TAsn    null
    TAsn    xhost + si:localuser:root
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, now windows decoration no nothing
00:49    ^^Kidd^^    are you still in screen?
    TAsn    ohh and I just see ctrl + L clears screen
    TAsn    *l (as for little L)
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, yeah
00:50    ^^Kidd^^    ctrl-a S splits your screens... you'll hardly will have to use it
    ^^Kidd^^    but only for the record...
    TAsn    hm.. for some reason
00:51    ^^Kidd^^    then ctrl-a <tab> moves between frames
    TAsn    nvm sec
    TAsn    nice
    TAsn    how do I unsplit?
    ^^Kidd^^    ctrl-a Q
00:52    ^^Kidd^^    all this bindings are configurable.... but my advice is to just stay standard
    TAsn    is there a key binding to close a screen?
00:53    ^^Kidd^^    ctrl-a K
    ^^Kidd^^    if you search inet for info you'll get gems about screen...
    TAsn    hm..
    ^^Kidd^^    like monitorizing for silence or for activity a concrete terminal
    TAsn    ctrl a K doesn't work
00:54    TAsn    how do I shut down the screen?
    TAsn    I mean the main program?
        <- nullll has disconnected ("Leaving")
    ^^Kidd^^    you can exit all terminals
    TAsn    that's the problem
    ^^Kidd^^    or ctrl-a \
    ^^Kidd^^    halted?
    TAsn    I have one window which doesn't work
    ^^Kidd^^    oh.. try ctrl-q
    TAsn    and ctrl a K
    TAsn    doesn't work
00:55    TAsn    nothing
    TAsn    don't know what that was
    TAsn    I'll just reconnect to ssh
    TAsn    and kill it manually
    ^^Kidd^^    some terminals become screenblocked when they recieve ctrl-s
    ^^Kidd^^    and unblock whit a ctrl-q
00:56    ^^Kidd^^    (that's nothing to do with screen)
    easuter    do you have wep working on that rt driver?
    TAsn    easuter, yeah
00:57    easuter    had instability probs in 5.8?
    easuter    with wep?
    TAsn    hmm I don't think I know what you mean
00:58    easuter    well, i'm using the rt61 module, and using either wp or wpa craches the kernel :\
    easuter    *wep or wpa
    TAsn    weird
    TAsn    try out the rtx
    TAsn    they are suposed to work better
    TAsn    though I aint got the guts to try them out
    easuter    hm, after googling it seems that kernels withSMP support tend to have problems with the ralink drivers
00:59    easuter    i've tried them
    easuter    even worse
    easuter    O_o
    TAsn    =\
    TAsn    what's smp?
    TAsn    that's the only good thing about windows
01:00    TAsn    because it's closed source
    TAsn    there are less problems
    easuter    symetric processing
    TAsn    because there's one way to do stuff
    easuter    multiple cpu support
    TAsn    ohh
    TAsn    you mean core duo?
    easuter    i think VL support 16 or 32
    easuter    more than i'll even need EVER
01:01    TAsn    lol yeah
    TAsn    wow ^^Kidd^^_ it's amazing
    TAsn    I'm just checking that out
    TAsn    =0
01:02    TAsn    rtorrent here I come/
    easuter    : )
    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn...I hope screen fits you needs, at least it fits mines
01:03    TAsn    for now, it's great
        -> oMasta has joined vectorlinux
    ^^Kidd^^    ah! every terminal has a number
    TAsn    I just have to see if it fits my brother's need.
    easuter    hi masa
    oMasta    or a lette
    easuter    *masta
    oMasta    letter
    ^^Kidd^^    you can access them with ctrl-a <number>
    oMasta    easuter,
    easuter    yeah?
01:04    oMasta    just saying hi
    TAsn    thanks
    ^^Kidd^^    so if you edit your .screenrc so it always starts same programs in same places, in 2 weeks you access directly to the wanted program
    easuter    oh
    easuter    lol
    easuter    btw, is the VL kernel also PREEMTP enabled?
01:05    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, I don't think there's a need for that
    TAsn    I don't intend to shut this computer off =0
    easuter    in 5.8
    ^^Kidd^^    oh. right
    TAsn    dunno easuter
    TAsn    btw guys, I couldn't not to notice
    TAsn    *grr
    TAsn    I noticed
01:06    TAsn    that there are 4 run levels in VL
    easuter    yeah
    TAsn    text desktop
    TAsn    text server
    TAsn    gui desktop
    TAsn    gui server
01:07    TAsn    I know the diffrence between Gui and text
    TAsn    the diffrence between desktop and server is just the run scri[ts?
    TAsn    scripts*
    easuter    you can make the runlevels do what you want, really
    TAsn    ok
    easuter    0 is shutdown
    easuter    6 is reboot
    TAsn    so the only diffrence is the run script, right?
01:08    easuter    5 and 4 are normally graphical by convention
    easuter    guess so
    TAsn    ok thanks= 0
    easuter    still, i only use 4 and 2
    oMasta    TAsn, the differenc ebetween the desktop and server, is that the server allowes for remote login (there's more, but I don't know right off)
01:09    TAsn    which is a configureable run script option
    TAsn    for instance
    oMasta    yep
    TAsn    I allowed my desktop GUI run level to run sshd
    TAsn    so it's like the server run level now, right?
    TAsn    * I mean almost.
01:10    oMasta    without looking at the details right off, I'd say that in that rspect, yes, it's almost similar to the server
    TAsn    thanks
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, I'm still playing with screen
01:11    TAsn    it's so fun.
    ^^Kidd^^    yup
    ^^Kidd^^    ctrl-a ? will give you available bindings
01:12    ^^Kidd^^    you can copy text through terminals, but that's for another day
    ^^Kidd^^    I'm not an expert at all, but I use a few scresn features frequently, so in a week you can teach me something
01:13    TAsn    well I don't think I'll be able to do that.
    TAsn    because I on;y have one need for it
    TAsn    reattaching
    oMasta    easuter, I remember that VL 4.0 had preempt enabled, I never did look to see if it's still enabled in 5.8,, I wouldn't see why not though
01:15    oMasta    that's too bad, I was looking forward to being taught some too
    easuter    thanks
    TAsn    oMasta, well google is our friend
    TAsn    and man is our wife =0
01:16    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, for some reason when the console screen is focused
    oMasta    TAsn,  If I googled then I would have to do the work,,, would be just as easy to set right here, let you get it all figured out, and teach us some
    TAsn    I can't use the fluxbox binding alt+tab to switch open windows
    TAsn    oMasta, yeah I know what you mean
01:17    easuter cant beleve bill gaves is actually on that list
    easuter    :\
    oMasta    he peobably paid for his name on there
01:18    easuter    
01:19    easuter    that would kind of be the end of free software in the US
    easuter    maybe not, but still...
    TAsn    easuter, lol can you imagine bill gates as the leader of the free world?
01:20    easuter    lol!
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, gotta say, thanks again
    TAsn    screen is amazing!
    TAsn    does anyone here know anything about the nvidia driver?
01:21    easuter    i'm using nvidia
    easuter    whats up?
    ^^Kidd^^    you could publish a howto when you finish your living-room project, including a bit of LIRC, a bit of screen... there's a lack of info about that....
    TAsn    hm..
    TAsn    have you tried using dual screens?
01:22    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, sure =0
    TAsn    well I have few more issues to solves before I do that.
01:23    oMasta    I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. I as too busy laughing so hard I could not type. It sure was funny trying to immagine Bill as the leader of the "free world"
    TAsn    Nvidia drivers problem, surround sound support, actually using LIRC (Used it in windows, shouldn't be much diffrent) bluetooth remote control, and I think that's it.
    TAsn    oMasta, yeah
01:24    oMasta    ok, onto the nvidia
    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn, my last (and semi-useless) command is ctrl-a d , for detaching. But I think I've never used it, as alt-f4 will do the job
    ^^Kidd^^    cu
    TAsn    yeah ^^Kidd^^_ I guess you areright, though it's a good thing to know.
01:25    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, btw, screen doesn't transfer F keys correctly
    TAsn    I'm trying to use mc
    ^^Kidd^^    I had that problems too...
    TAsn    and then unzip with it, though it doesn't respond correctly
    TAsn    how do I utar
    TAsn    a
01:26    TAsn    tar.gz?
    TAsn    =0
    ^^Kidd^^    I think you should tweak /etc/screenrc
    TAsn    never did that before =0
    ^^Kidd^^    I barely use Function keys
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, I'll get to that later this week
    ^^Kidd^^    tar zxvf foobar.tar.gz
    oMasta    tar zxf file.tar.gz
    TAsn    one more thing
    ^^Kidd^^    If you find out something bout Function keys, tell me
    TAsn    what's this fooba
    TAsn    I see everywhere?
01:27    TAsn    foobar*
    oMasta    foobar.. popular replacement for your file's name
    ^^Kidd^^    yup, it means nothing, a bit geek I think
01:28    TAsn    where does it come from?!
    TAsn    I'll search wikipedia in a sec!
    oMasta    lol
    easuter    yeah
    ^^Kidd^^    2 result
    TAsn    btw easuter I wanna make rtorrent
    easuter    and then there is fubar
01:29    TAsn    what's the configure --prefix
    easuter    not to be confused
    TAsn    you rold me about the other day?
    easuter    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    TAsn    thanks
    ^^Kidd^^    TAsn, remember to take notes for your howto....
    oMasta    save your google search
01:30    TAsn    found it allreaady
    TAsn    =0
    TAsn    ^^Kidd^^_, I remember everything in my head =0
    TAsn    don't worry
    oMasta    awe, I was busy looking at the kernel status to answer the preemptquestion more correclty
01:31    easuter    @Masta, uelsk8s has already got it
    easuter    thanks
    TAsn    btw is it safe to install libtorrent and rtorrent slack packages?
    TAsn    cuz I don't feel like compiling it =\
01:33    oMasta    VL tries to stay close to native slackware packages as possible for compatibility
    TAsn    is that a yes? =0
    oMasta    no guarantee on the packager though
    oMasta    would be a yes
    easuter    thanks
    TAsn    hm... well I guess I'll just compile it myself then
01:34    TAsn    In my opinion
    TAsn    firefox crash too much
        <- Sty has disconnected ("The time for my departure has come.")
    oMasta    what vl version are you using?
    easuter    does it O_o
01:35    TAsn    5.1 on this machine
    TAsn    and 5.8 on the other
    oMasta    ... just so I'm on the same page, because I'm using the FF2.0 without issues
    oMasta    .. <--- 5.8 rc3
01:36    TAsn    easuter, crashed once today and again earlier this week.
    TAsn    oMasta, hm.. I can't afford using FF2
    TAsn    128mb ram
    TAsn    and I heard it's heavier
    oMasta    ouch
    oMasta    I've heard the same behavior , but have never had the issue
    TAsn    well that's my laptop =\\
01:37    TAsn    I have a better desktop pc
    TAsn    though I don't have a power supply yet
    TAsn    those generic powersupplies worth shit.
    easuter    how about seamonkey then?
01:38    oMasta    hehe, I buoght one once... burnt it out, on an old amd processor tweaking it up
    easuter    i've already dropped firefox
    oMasta    seamonkey really is a memory hog
    TAsn    easuter, I don't like seamonkey
    TAsn    I prefer a crashing firefox rather than sea monkey
    easuter    haven't had any problems with it
    TAsn    I dunno why
01:39    TAsn    easuter, that's because you don't use a weak computer
    easuter    the name is crap
    easuter    firefox2 takes longer to start up compared to seamonkey
    easuter    i've noticed that much
    TAsn    I use
    oMasta    I have a test machine that has 128Meg ram in it, with a celleron 500... I setup on that machine and test some things out, see i I can duplicate the crashes
    TAsn    1.5
01:40    easuter    ah
    TAsn    oMasta, had many crashes
    easuter    i still use 1.5 on my laptop
    easuter    128mb of ram only
    TAsn    with my C600 64mb I had a week ago
    TAsn    =0
01:41    TAsn    gotta say I like sshd!
01:42    TAsn    I'm actually configuring my other desktops with my laptop lying in bed =