-    6 unique train engines (3 steam trains, 2 diesel, and 1 electric) with their own sounds.
-    Level up your trains and upgrade them to improve HP, Fuel, amount of carts it can pull.
-    10 stations (located on the Countryside and  Desert)
-    Random jobs and crystal generation
-    Color based crystal collection
-    30 unique train carts.
-    6 Special carts per train that will give bonus to Fuel and Gold.
-    While traveling use the 3 button controls to collect correct color coded crystals.
-       Physics based train movement

How to Play:
-    Your goal is to earn gold by completing jobs by delivering them to their correct destination. With the obtained gold you can unlock new stations, special carts, and trains.
-       When traveling, simply press the correct color button to collect same color crystals.

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