7 proposals for a railway connection Stockholm - Helsinki - Tallinn over and under the Baltic Sea

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EU is planning Rail Baltica and Europakorridoren and here we propose to connect these. Seven proposals to connect Tallinn to Helsinki (129,4 km), Helsinki to Stockholm (477,3 km) and Tallinn to Stockholm (543,2 km). Building a railway tunnel under the gulf of Finland and a railway through the archipelago of Turku and a tunnel under the Sea of Åland and connecting these railways is the solution.
This is of course a way to connect middle of Sweden, southern Finland and northern Estonia but not only by rail, also by car and airplane.

Building a railway in archipelago

On the route from Kimito to Kapellskär we have at least two different strategies for solving the construction of the railway

  1. In the presentation it is supposed that the railway is built above the sea surface if possible. Only in places where a tunnel is the only option a tunnel is proposed.
  2. An alternative strategy is to build the railway as a "underground" railway and use small islands above for ventilation and escape routes. When the railway passes larger islands we choose to build a normal railway. It seems that a depth of 15m under sea level is enough in most cases, measured from the sea surface to the roof of the tunnel. The sea depth in archipelago is quite shallow.

The first and the presented solution seems to be more friendly for the traveler but has as drawbacks winter icing and storm problems. The impact on the nature of the archipelago is remarkable and will get political resistance.

The second solution makes it simpler to hide the railway and to control the impact on the environment. It is also hidden from ice and storms but are the traveling public willing to travel under ground for such a long voyage ?

Some form of compromise may be the solution depending of the circumstances where the railway is built.

Google streetview

In most cases there exists a picture of a specific station. The only exception to this seems to be Kirjais station and the station on Naissaar. Streetview pictures is pictures of a street not of a railway station, but it is usually possible to see something of the station and the surroundings.

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