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DVD-R Railroad Videos


Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-26 "CONRAIL'S SD80MACs" 
Running time 85 minutes - $10.00
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Conrail's 30 SD80MACs are Conrail's first Alternating Current
(AC) Locomotives. The first SD80MAC delivered was number
4100 on December 6, 1995. All SD80MACs are built at the
General Motors plant in London, Ontario and finished by
Conrail at Juniata Shops in Altoona, PA. Painted in a scheme
unique to the MACs, these 5000 horsepower units really stand
out with an attractive white "Vee" stripe across the nose and
white on the cab front. We taped these high tech behemoths
on Conrail's Boston Line in Western Massachusetts. Areas
covered are Charlton, E. Brookfield, West Springfield, Spencer
and Worcester, MA. Also take a cab ride in SD80MAC 4127 on
train FRSE on the Boston Line from Warren to Palmer, MA.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-23 "THE NEW ENGLAND CENTRAL"  
Running time 90 minutes - $10.00 
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On February 5, 1995, the New England Central took over
operations of the 350 mile Central Vermont. The New England
Central was awarded "Shortline Railroad of the Year". The award
is based on outstanding achievement in areas that include customer
service, labor relations, enhanced productivity and innovation in
operations and maintenance. See trains #323 north, #324 south,
Amtrak's Vermonter and train #562 the Palmer switcher. Taped in
1996 between Brattleboro and St. Albans, Vermont with a side trip
to Palmer, MA, to catch train #562. Also take a cab ride on train #324.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-18 "RAILROADS OF CHICAGO Volume one" 
Running time 84 minutes - $10.00
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Chicago today still remains the railroad capital of the United States.
Some railroads are gone do to bankruptcy or mergers. With all the
changes that have taken place the "Windy City" offers variety. Our
video looks at a few areas of interest. The following areas are covered:
Blue Island, Hayford Crossing, Hawthorne Crossing, Argo yard, Glenn
Yard, Lavergne Commuter Station at Berwyn, Lagrange and Schiller
Park. The following railroads are seen: GT, IHB, C&NW, IAIS, SOO Line,
BN, Santa Fe, CSX, BRC, UP, SP, Metra, CC, IC, NS, CP, WC, Amtrak.
Also, take a cab ride on a Wisconsin Central GP40 at Schiller Park. 
This video was taped in 1992.

Running time 65 minutes - $10.00
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Conrail's Selkirk yard is located 15 miles south of Albany, NY, 
west of the Hudson River between Routes 9W and 32. Selkirk
is the major yard in the Northeast. It was built in 1922 by the
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, later to become
the New York Central. In 1968 Penn Central rebuilt Selkirk and
renamed it Perlman yard for NYC and PC President Alfred E.
Perlman. After the Conrail takeover, the yard was renamed
Selkirk. The yard is built on 1250 acres with 70 classification
tracks that can hold about 3500 cars. Also, there is a 11 track
receiving yard, a 13 track north and 5 track south departure
yard and a local yard, for a total of 35 additional tracks with
a total capacity of 4000 more cars. Areas covered: Jericho
Bridge, CP "SP", Mosher Bridge and the Selkirk Branch.
This video was taped in 1994.

Running time 82 minutes - $10.00
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In August of 1995, we visited the ex Pennsylvania Railroad main
line from Altoona, Pennsylvania to Lilly, Pennsylvania. Conrail put
on a great show moving trains over the Alleghenies. The following
areas are covered: Gallitzin Tunnel at Gallitzin, PA, Lilly, PA, located
west of Cresson, PA, Route 53 overpass located between Gallitzin
and Cresson, the Coburn grade crossing at the "Brickyard" and world
famous Horseshoe Curve. Modern day mountain railroading with great
scenery, lots of trains, helper locomotives and classic Pennsy position
light signals.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-17 "SPRINGFIELD TERMINAL 1991" 
Running time 84 minutes - $10.00
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With the transfer of the Boston and Maine and the Maine
Central to the Springfield Terminal, many changes have
taken place. Who would ever think of seeing Conrail power
on trains to Maine, D&H run through coal trains with CP,
GATX and PLM power, or big six axle second hand diesels
lettered for Springfield Terminal. You will see all mentioned
including Guilford's unique fleet of diesels. See GP9s, GP40s,
GP40-2s, SD45s, SD26s and SD39 #692. Taped from over 25
locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine on
ex Boston and Maine Iron. Some of the highlights include
pacing shots, train WADH entering the East portal of Hoosac
Tunnel, D&H coal train with CP and GATX power exiting the
West portal of Hoosac Tunnel and GP40-2 #316 still in its
original as delivered blue paint scheme. Our video brings
you all the action of the current Springfield Terminal
operations of 1991 with coverage from winter to summer.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-22 "THE GREEN MOUNTAIN RAILROAD 1995-96" 
Running time 80 minutes - $10.00
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The Green Mountain Railroad operates 52 miles of ex
Rutland Railroad track from Bellows Falls, Vermont to
Rutland, Vermont with shops located in the ex Boston
and Maine 5 stall roundhouse in Walpole, New Hampshire.
See train RX-2 with all four of the Green Mountain's GP9s
and also see RS-1s 400 and 405 on Green Mountain's tourist
train "The Green Mountain Flyer". Train XR-1 is seen at Rutland.
Also see GP9 number 1848 on the "Flyer" in fresh paint. Taped
in 1995 and 1996 between Bellows Falls and Rutland. Today the
Green Mountain is part of the Vermont Rail System. Our video
looks back at the Green Mountain when it was still an independent
shortline. Amtrak, Guilford and the New England Central are also
seen at Bellows Falls.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-14 "CONRAIL 1990-91" 
Running time 76 minutes - $10.00  Mail Order Form

On April 1st 1991, Conrail celebrated 15 years of service. Our
video looks at Conrail's operations in the years of 1990 and 1991.
the following areas are covered: Conrail on Guilford's Worcester
Branch, Palmer, MA, and State Line Tunnel at Canaan, New York
on Conrail's Boston Line, Utica, NY, Syracuse, NY, and Buffalo, NY,
on Conrail's Chicago Line. Also see Central Vermont train #555 at
Palmer and Susquehanna local UT-1 at Utica running down the mile
of street trackage on Schuyler Street on Susquehanna's Utica Branch.
At Buffalo, Norfolk Southern, Buffalo and Pittsburgh and the South
Buffalo Railroads make an appearance. Amtrak at Palmer, Syracuse
and Buffalo and foreign power at Syracuse.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-13 "U BOATS ON THE BIG G" 
Running time 53 minutes - $10.00
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This video takes a look at Guilford's unique fleet of "U-Series"
locomotives or "U-Boats" as they are most commonly called,
that were still in operation in 1990. See U18Bs ("Baby-Boats")
400, 405 and 407 still in Maine Central yellow and U18Bs 404 and
in Guilford gray. Also see U23Bs 280 and 288 in GTI gray and lone
U30C 663 (ex Detroit Edison) also in gray. Areas covered in New
Hampshire: Bow, Hooksett, Dover, Rockingham, Jct., Atkinson.
In Massachusetts: Ayer, Lawrence, Shirley, Lowell, Tewksbury,
Gardner, N. Chelmsford and at Rigby Yard in Portland, Maine.
Also see Guilford's other locomotives as well, GP7s, GP9s,
GP39-2s, GP40s, GP40-2s, SD26s, SD39s, SD40s, SD45s.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-19 "NEW ENGLAND MEMORIES 1978-80"
Super 8 sound movies transferred to video 
Running time 65 minutes - $10.00
Mail Order Form

This video is my personal collection of Super 8 sound movies
transferred to video. Listed is some of what you will see. On the
Boston & Maine see Alco S-4  #1271 working at East Deerfield yard,
ride on train BM-7 in GP9 #1743 through  Hoosac Tunnel, trains on
the Hollis, Greenville, M&L and Hillsboro branches and see B&M
0-6-0 #410 being delivered by the H.E. Fletcher Company to the
B&M at Westford, MA. At Framingham, MA, see early Conrail power
still in PC black, Amtrak train with an E8 and a MBTA commuter train
with a Delaware & Hudson PA-1. At New Haven, CT, see an E8, E60
Electrics and GG-1s 4890 & 4877. Also ride Amtrak RDCs from New
Haven. Northern Maine Jct. will bring you Bangor & Aroostook F-3s
#42, 45, 49 and BL2s 54 and 557 restored to its original colors.
At St. Johnsbury, Vermont see CP Rail RS-2 #8400, Maine Central
GP7 #565 and Lamoille Valley RS-3 #7801. Also on the Lamoille Valley,
follow RS-3 #7801 and coaches on a fan trip at various locations to
St. Johnsbury, VT. Also see CP Rail Alcos and a GP35 at Brownville
Junction, Maine, Green Mountain S-4 #305 and RS-1 #401 at various
locations on the Green Mountain. At Worcester, MA, a Conrail SW1500
in PC black and P&W M420 #2001 working at P&W's Worcester Yard.
Also see D&H Alcos, RS-11 #5011, RS-3m #504 and RS-3 #4126 working
at Mechanicville, NY. Also at Mechanicville see B&M GP9s 1708 & 1748
on the turntable and B&M GP40s with train departing Mechanicville.
Filmed at over 25 locations in New England.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-28 "TODAY'S GUILFORD RAIL SYSTEM Volume one"
Two Disc Set - 
$10.00  Mail Order Form

Running time Disc one 115 minutes
Running time Disc two 108 minutes

This video takes a glimpse at the current operations of 
Today's Guilford Rail System from 2001 to 2005. Our focus
is on the west end of the system from E. Deerfield to points
west, but we also covered areas east of E. Deerfield as well.
See Guilford's unique fleet of diesel locomotives, run through
power provided by NS, CSX, Canadian Pacific and a empty
coal train with BNSF, UP and NS power. The following areas
are covered in Massachusetts: Ayer, Shirley, Gardner, Fitchburg,
Ashburnham, Erving, E. Deerfield, W. Chelmsford, Hoosac Tunnel,
Greenfield, Shelburne Falls, Charlemont, N. Adams, Tyngsboro,
Wendell, Montague, Millers Falls, Buckland, Orange, Littleton,
Athol and also Manchester, NH and Eagle Bridge, NY. Mainline
action with locomotive variety over ex B&M iron.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-27 "EDAVILLE MEMORIES 1988-90"
Running time 30 minutes
$10.00  Mail Order Form

Plus 30 minutes of previews

The Edaville Railroad located in South Carver Massachusetts
operates steam powered two foot gauge passenger trains over
a 5.5 mile loop through woods, passing along cranberry bogs
and around a 300 acre reservoir. This video looks back at the
Edaville Railroad from 1988-90. See various steam engines,
doubleheader steam, photo runbys, freight moves and GE
23 ton diesels #1 and  #2. Also, take a cab ride in 2-4-4Ts
#7 and  #8. Also see a railbus and inspection car from the
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-15 "EARLY GUILFORD 1985"
Running time 60 minutes - $10.00  Mail Order Form

Taped in February of 1985 by local railfan and photographer
Gary Cliborn at Lowell and Lawrence, MA, yards with side
trips to Gardner and E. Deerfield yards. See the rainbow of
colors (B&M,D&H,MEC) before Guilford gray became the
dominant color.

Running time 56 minutes - $10.00
Mail Order Form
During the spring and summer months, local railroads and
railfan groups work together to offer excursions and rare
mileage trips over track that is seldom used to carry passengers.
Our video starts off with the St. Lawrence and Atlantic which ran
their excursion from South Paris, ME, to Groveton, NH, powered
by GP-9 #1758. Then its off to the New Hampshire Northcoast for
a trip from Rochester, NH, to NHN's Ossipee, NH, gravel pit powered
by GP-9 #1756. Also, NHN operated their gravel train as well. Next stop,
the Bangor and Aroostook. To kick off the BAR's 100th anniversary,
the BAR restored F3 #42 to its original color scheme and number for
railfan trips over the BAR system. Our coverage of  the BAR is on the
Searsport Branch. Our last excursion is on the Bay Colony, which ran
a rare mileage trip over former New Haven trackage from Medfield to
Millis, MA. Passengers rode in gondolas pulled by RS-1 #1064. Our
passenger extras show the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus
train over MBTA and Guilford rails at Billerica, Graniteville and Ayer,
MA. Last but not least, Guilford's Business train makes an appearance
at Ayer, MA.

Running time 30 minutes - 
$10.00  Mail Order Form

Plus 30 minutes of previews

Follow plow extra from Chester to Rutland, Vermont pushed
by veteran Alco RS-1 #405. See plow extra cross various bridges
and trestles at Ludlow, Wallingford and Cuttingsville, VT. Filmed
at various locations along and off route 103 with plenty of runbys.
Also see GMRC train XR-1 switching cars at Ludlow station with
GP-9s 1848 (still in BAR colors) and 1849. Plow extra is also seen
at Ludlow station. This video was taped in February of 1990.

Running time 30 minutes - $10.00  Mail Order Form
Plus 30 minutes of previews

This video takes a look at the busy Northeast Corridor at
Old Saybrook, CT. See Amtrak trains run through and stop
at Old Saybrook. Also see Providence and Worcester train
NR-2 with M420s 2004 and 2002, Conrail WANH-88 with
B23-7s 2022 and 1976 and Amtrak ballast train pulled by
ex Santa Fe CF7s. Also see the new Shore Line East
commuter service operated by the State of Connecticut.
Shore Line East trains seen in this video are powered by
ex Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit F7Ms 6690 and 6691,
painted in a McGinnis era New Haven Scheme. This video
was taped in August of 1990.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-7 “CONRAIL'S ENOLA YARD 1988”
Running time 80 minutes - 
$10.00  Mail Order Form
 In May of 1988, we stayed two days at Conrail's Enola Pennsylvania
yard. Taped from Overview Road Bridge known to local railfans as
the "Iron Bridge", located on the north end of Enola yard. See switch
moves, trains arriving and departing Enola and light engine moves.
Also see trains at Marysville, PA, Rockville Bridge, east side of
Rockville Bridge, Enola engine facility and Guilford train PYPO.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-29 “MBTA’s FP10s”
Running time 28 minutes - 
$10.00  Mail Order Form

Plus 30 minutes of previews

Rebuilt from former Gulf Mobile & Ohio F3s and F7s by
Paducah in the late seventies, MBTA’s 19 FP10s were a
favorite with railfans. See FP10s and depowered Budd
RDC coaches arrive and depart Boston's North Station
(Taped in 1987) and also see ex BN and SEMTA Geeps
at North Station. FP10s are also seen at Ayer, MA, one
at Shirley, MA, and one at Lowell, MA.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-30 “CONRAIL MEMORIES”
Running time 102 minutes - $10.00 
 Mail Order Form

Taped from 1994 to 1997, this video looks at Conrail before
it was divided up by CSX and Norfolk Southern. We visited
Conrail at Belt Line Junction in Reading, PA, and CP Laurel
in Temple, PA. Conrail's Selkirk Branch and French's Hollow
Trestle in Guilderland, NY. Conrail's Boston line in Massachusetts
at Chester, Hinsdale, Charlton, East Brookfield, Spencer, Palmer
and Worcester. Farewell Conrail, thanks for the memories.

Running time 83 minutes - $10.00  Mail Order Form
The Mt. Washington Cog Railway operates steam powered tourist
passenger trains from Base Station to the summit of the 6,288 foot
Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast. Our coverage
of the Cog is from Base Station located in Fabyan, New Hampshire,
the summit of Mount Washington and "Skyline Siding". This video
was taped in the summers of 1996 and 1997.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-31 “NEW ENGLAND RAILS 1987-89”
Running time 120 minutes - $10.00
  Mail Order Form
This is some of our older video taped from 1987 to 1989. Our video
starts off with the Bangor and Aroostook at Northern Maine Junction,
various locomotives on the turntable. Follow Green Mountain train
XR-1 with RS-1s 400 and 405 and GP9 1849 with another XR-1 from
Bellows Falls, VT, and points north. Lamoille Valley tourist train pulled
by ex CV RS11 3608 between Morrisville and Greensboro Bend, Vermont
and Lamoille Valley RS-3 7805 with freight at Whitefield, NH. Belfast and
Moosehead Lake tourist train pulled by GE 70 tonner 50 between Belfast
and Waldo, Maine. At Gardner, MA, see a couple of Guilford freights, FI-1
with Maine Central crew cab GP7 471 and Providence and Worcester train
WOGR with M420 2005 and GP38 2010. At Westfield, MA, see Pioneer Valley
Railroad's CF7s work the yard. At East Deerfield yard see various Guilford
power including SW9 1421, ex Detroit Edison SD40, some B&M blue units
and Guilford's "Slug Set". Pace Guilford train BADH through Shirley, MA,
with Maine Central GP38 255 still in harvest yellow. Last but not least, a
circus train at Westford and Shirley, MA, with Guilford power and train
AYSE on B&M's ex Worcester Branch with Conrail C30-7As.

Full Screen DVD-R Video #RG-32 "TODAY'S GUILFORD RAIL SYSTEM Volume two" 
Two Disc Set - $10.00
  Mail Order Form 
Running time Disc one 120 minutes
Running time Disc two 116 minutes
Many changes have taken place since volume one of
"Today's Guilford Rail System". Guilford Rail System
changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006, with Maine
Central, B&M and Springfield Terminal under its wings. In a
joint venture since June of 2009 between Pan Am Railways
and Norfolk Southern, the western third of the system has
been owned by Pan Am Southern. Taped from 2005 to 2010
on ex B&M trackage, the following areas in Massachusetts
are covered: Ayer, Greenfield, Charlemont, Shelburne Falls,
E. Deerfield, Shirley, Bardwell, Florida, Montague, Millers
Falls, Erving, Fitchburg, Wendell, N. Adams, Hoosac Tunnel,
W. Chelmsford, Groton, Harvard, W. Boylston, Westminster,
Gardner, Orange, Athol, Rowe, Royalston and  Pownal, VT.
See various motive power from P&W, CSX, NS, CP, BNSF, UP,
HLCX, Guilford and some Pan Am units in light blue and dark
blue schemes. Also, see Pan Am's Office Car Special with
FP9s PAR 1 and PAR 2.

Running time 66 minutes - $10.00  Mail Order Form

Click here for a video sample 

Take a cab ride in Hobo Railroad Alco S-1 1008
(Ex-Portland Terminal 1008) from Lincoln, NH,
to the Jack O' Lantern Golf Resort in Woodstock,
NH, over ex Boston and Maine track. Train Passes
through woods, crossing various bridges and follows
the Pemigewasset River. Also, see Hobo Railroad
Alco S-3 1186 and Alco S-1 959. Last but not least,
see Winnipesaukee Railroad Alco RS-3 557 arriving
and departing Meredith, NH. This video was taped
in 1987, 1989 and 1993. 

Running time 70 minutes - $10.00  Mail Order Form  
The Washington County Railroad Connecticut River Division
is part of the Vermont Rail System. In 2003, the state of
Vermont acquired the former Boston and Maine and Canadian
Pacific line between White River Junction, VT, and Newport,
VT, which contracted freight service to the Washington County
Railroad. The Washington County Railroad connects with the
Montreal, Maine and Atlantic at Newport, VT, and the New
England Central, Pan Am and the Claremont Concord at
White River Junction, VT. We caught four (WJNP) northbound
trains and one (NPWJ) southbound with various VRS power.
The following locations are covered: Thetford, E. Thetford,
N. Thetford, Fairlee, Bradford, Newbury, Wells River, E. Ryegate,
McIndoe Falls, Barnet, E. Barnet, Passumpsic, St. Johnsbury,
Lyndon, W. Burke, and Sutton. Not allot of narration but plenty
of titles to identify locations.

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