Dr. Vladimir A. Kokoza, a Staff Research Associate Step V, is an expert in mosquito genetic transformation.

He is involved in generating transgenic mosquitoes with altered immunity and mosquito binary Gal4-UAS system.



Dr. Sourav Roy, an Assistant Research Professor, is an expert in bioinformatics and gene regulation. 

His current research deals with the effect of hormones on the genes that are differentially regulated during the different phases of the vitellogenic period, in the female Aedes aegypti.

He also works on promoter analysis and micro RNA (miRNA) target prediction.


Dr. Tusar T. Saha, a posdoctoral fellow, is using functional genomic and molecular tools to study gene regulation by Juvenile hormone during adult development in the female mosquito, Aedes aegypti.

He collaborates with other lab members for various molecular analysis.



Dr. Xiufeng Zhang (Stephen), a postdoctoral fellow, explores functional regulatory roles of mosquito-specific microRNAs in blood digestion and oviposition of Aedes aegypti

He also works on small RNA library sequencing of mosquito tissues and experimental target identification.

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Dr. Vlastimil Smykal is a postdoctoral fellow. His research is focused on:

1) crosstalk between Juvenile hormone and Ecdysone hormone signaling pathways

2) hormonal regulation of gene expression in the female mosquitoes


     Dr. Lin ling is working on:
   Developing novel transgenic technologies for mosquitoes


Visiting Scholars

Dr. Yang Zhang is a visiting scholar from the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

His current research is focused on understanding the role of candidate miRNAs during reproduction in female mosquito.


       Dr. Jialin Wang, a visiting scholar from Central China Normal University.

      He is currently working on the juvenile hormone signaling pathway in mosquito development.


     Dr. Dujuan Dong is a visiting scholar from Shandong University.

     Her research is focused on the ecdysone signaling pathway in the mosquitoes.


            Dr. Changyu Zhang is a visiting scholar from Guizhou University.

      His current research is focused on how the juvenile hormone regulates reproduction in mosquito.


Graduate Students

Jisu Ha is a PhD Candidate  in the Graduate Program in Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics (GGB). His current research projects deals with 

1) Promoter analysis of differentially expressed genes and 2) Micro RNA (miRNA) target prediction.


   Lisa Johnson is a graduate student from the program in Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology. 

 Her work involves hormonal regulation of gene expression in mosquitoes.



Elspeth (Ellie) Sara Cannell, Technician, is responsible for maintaining mosquito cultures.

She also works with Vladimir Kokoza on genetic transformation of mosquitoes. 

Undergraduate Students

Amanda Gervaise works with Keira Lucas on transgenic Gal4:UAS mosquito lines with miRNA loss-of-function.

She is also involved in experimental validation of miRNA targets predicted by bioinformatics analyses. 

Brandon Phong is in the University Honors Undergraduate Program.

He works on a project with Lisa Johnson on hormonal regulation of gene expression.

Joshua Ng works with Vladimir Kokoza on genetic transformation of mosquitoes. 
He also works with Ellie on maintenance of mosquito cultures.