XAT Registration

Registration/ Admission Procedure

Registration for XAT

To register for XAT, candidates have to fill the XAT Form that is available online at www.xlri.edu/xat. The candidate will have to follow set of instructions after which he/she is entitled for obtaining an ID and Password. 

This Unique ID is to be used for all the future correspondence with XAT Office, Jamshedpur. The Candidate has the option of selecting his choice of city for answering XAT, from the list of cities available on the website.

Procedure for XAT Registration

A candidate has to first register for XAT 2011 at www.xlri.edu and then only he / she can obtain XAT Bulletin from select branches of Axis Bank.

1.    XAT Registration: If a candidate desire to register online XAT 2011, the candidate has to visit the website www.xlri.edu and click "XAT Registration". The XAT Registration page opens up wherein he/she has to fill-in the online XAT form. The information to be provided includes the nearest Axis Bank branch name from where he/she intends to buy the XAT Bulletin 2010, personal details, educational details, work experience etc.


2.    Select XAT Associate Institute: The candidate should select the names of XAT Associate Institutes.


3.    XAT ID and Password: After successful submission of the XAT Form, the candidate will immediately get his/her XAT ID and password (which is automatically generated by the system). XAT ID and password needs to be retained by the candidate for future correspondence with XAT Office, downloading XAT Admit card and other transactions at www.xlri.edu website.


4.    Download XAT Pay-in-slip: Next, the candidate has to download the XAT Pay-in-slip. The pay-in-slip will have the date of registration, name of the Axis Bank branch, XAT Pay-in-slip No, XAT ID, name of the candidate, address and phone number printed on it. The printed pay-in-slip is in three parts. You have to take all these three parts of the pay-in-slip to the Axis Bank branch


5.    Go to Axis Bank Branch: The candidate has to take this downloaded XAT Pay-in-slip to the Axis Bank branch to buy the XAT Bulletin. On tendering Rs 800.00 (cost of XAT Bulletin) along with the printed pay-in-slip, the bank will issue a XAT Bulletin 2011 and enter the XAT Bulletin number, date of purchase and Bank Tran ID and put a bank seal on each part of the pay-in-slip. The bank will retain the Bank's copy of the pay-in-slip with them and return the rest of the pay-in-slip to the candidate.


6.    Fill the Detachable Form: The candidate has to go through the XAT Bulletin thoroughly. After doing so, he/she has to fill-in the detachable form given in the XAT XLRI Bulletin. All entries are to be filled-in correctly and should be same as that filled in the online form. Candidate has to paste his/her passport size colour photograph and put his/her signature in the space provided.


7.     Attach Pay-in-slip: The candidate has to then attach the XLRI's copy of the pay-in-slip in the space provided on the form. The candidate's copy of the pay-in-slip is to be carefully retained by the candidate for future reference, if any.


8.     Send to XAT Office: The candidate has to then carefully detach the form from the XAT Bulletin and send it to XAT Office, Jamshedpur through registered post/courier/speed post in the special envelope given inside the XAT Bulletin. This form along with the pay-in-slip should reach the XAT Office, XLRI, and Circuit House Area (East), Jamshedpur-831001 within seven days from the date of purchase of XAT XLRI Bulletin.


9.    Download Admit Card: For XAT Admit Card, the candidate has to visit our website www.xlri.edu.


Raviraj Raikar,
Oct 23, 2010, 11:14 PM