Tackling CAT Effectively

One thing i would advice everyone is to have 3 to 4 strategies handy. Because Cat is well known for throwing surprises.

First and foremost you should take it for granted that this year the questions are gonna get tougher.Your aptitude, Time management skills, your attitude to tackle different questions effectively will seperate you from the rest. The first thing you need to do on the "D" day is to stay calm and composed and focus on the job on Hand.
If the paper is tough than it will be tougher for most of them, the key over here is not how many questions you attempt,but how effectively you attempt.

One thing you shouldnt be doing when the paper is tough, Panick. Its very easy to panick under such circumstance, but to stay firm requires some toughness from within. Stay Cool and composed and more importantly believe in yourself.

I feel the initial 2-3 minutes you should reserve for glancing through the paper and than only can you determine your strategies. According to me the strategy should be first attempt Your strength section, then move on to your weakest section and finally on to your intermediate section. Give Optimum time to your strength section, 5 mins lesser to your Intermediate section and 10 mins lesser to your weak section comparatively. And the final 4 - 5 minutes should be reserved for glancing over your answers.

Remember itz your attitude not your aptitude that determines the altitude that you achieve.