Mock CAT Papers

The CAT bulletin is out and the countdown for final war has begun. While 200,000 MBA aspirants are gearing up for grand finale, the CAT has sprung up yet another path breaking surprise. CAT now is of two and a half hours duration. Speculation is rife about the final shape of CAT 2006 and the consequent impact on cutoffs .This sure, adds to your anxiety.
While on one hand CAT may retain the flavor of CAT 2005, on the other hand it can reduce the level of difficulty while increasing the number of questions to 150 or 180. Each scenario would require you to switch over to a different tactics and strategy.

This paper shall not only help you monitor your level of preparedness at a given instant but more importantly, you will derive valuable inputs by means of detailed solutions. Your friend and guide all through your course of preparation for CAT 2006.

--  Courtesy of Indiatimes Mindscape Test Centre


Download MOCK I CAT 2006 Paper

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