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Part Time MBA Vs Full-Time MBA:

A lot of people have asked me on my thoughts about Part-Time MBA. I conciously chose not to do it. So I can't lie that its the best thing and so you should do it. It is certainly considered by some I spoke to as - 1 step lower than a full-time MBA. I partially agree with that opinion. Most top schools don't allow career-services/recruiting access for part-time students. Full-time students in Business Week forums believe that since Full-Time students have higher stakes and have taken greater risks - it is unfair to allow low-risk takers an equal share of the career services facility. 

The full-time MBA experience is a separate beast. Some top companies clearly know if you are a part-time MBA (it shows in the resume) and might not even consider you a real MBA. 99% of the recruiters are ex Full-Time MBAs and they carry strong opinions about different MBA streams with them. In the US, an MBA is less about courses than it is about the experience, the clubs and the activities that go on outside classrooms. As a part-time MBA you cannot get this experience. This does not mean that part-time MBAs don't get jobs that full-time MBAs get. But it is more difficult and rare. Moreover, you may have some obligation to stay with the same company after you do an MBA because they sponsored your part-time MBA. So once you complete an MBA, you won't have an instant job promotion and salary impact. While full-timers get instant rewards (because they have given up 2 years of salary), part-timers have to depend on their organic career progression or other opportunities within the company to get up, which is usually slow and very restrictive.

My general suggestion is - if you can do a full-time, do it. When you have no choice (marriage, kids are not sufficient reason for not doing full-time) then do a part-time. But know that this may not be the best option out there. 

posted by Hawkeye