Logical Reasoning - Strategies

In this very section u need to get 15+ score. A good score will be somewhere
above 20+. For this u need to attempt minimum 25 + questions in 40 mins
with an accuracy above 80%.

Data Interpretation

Usually there are 1-2 line graphs. bar graphs,pie chart etc..

Line Graph

If they ask visual question over here for example which year the sales growth was highest etc.
then its chalk and cheese for you people.Then there are questions like finding the average sales
over the period, here you will have to mentally add up the values and divide it by corresponding
no of years in the said period. Try to avoid questions which needs calculation in abundance.
It isnt wise spending more than 1.5 to 2 minutes over a 1 mark question.

If the corresponding x axis and y axis values are big than take the round off value.
Try to go by option, if the answer isnt obvious.
If in doubt leave the question.
Dont spend more than a minute over the question.
Avoid questions which requires lot of calculations.

PIE Charts

These are normally given in percentage or value form. You should be good in solving
percentage problems for solving this.Some questions are obvious. Some questions require
calculations to an extent. Some requires mental toughness and ability to out think the

The tips would be the same as for solving line graph.

Logical Reasoning

Paragraph Question
This is the easiest part of the section to crack.
Just dont read the paragraph.While reading deduce it down to paper, the thing which you are able to understand.After reading the paragraph you should have a pictorial view of what the paragraph has to say.
If you have done this succesfully than 70% of your work is over. Just need to apply common sense to solve the questions.

There are other questions like completing the series. Choosing correct options and so on.

Practise, Practise and more practise is what you should be doing now, with only 2 months to go.
Believe in yourself, stay confident.Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.
Remember a confident person with lesser experience or knowledge is going to succed rather than a brilliant or experienced person who is low on morale or confidence.
It'z your attitude not your aptitude of solving the paper that will eventually decide the altitude or succes you achieve.

This is their game, play by the rule and you will succeed.

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