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Here you will find information regarding the MBA Entrance exam, MBA Institutes, MBA Preparation course Materials, MBA Distance Learning Institutes, Cat Syllabus, Cat Papers, Top B Schools, Bschool Rankings and many information on MBA.

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My Mission

To provide all the relevant information requisite for any MBA Aspirant to make it in to top tier institute.


  • Itz your attitude not your aptitude that determines the altitude that you achieve.
  • Change is never easy. But if you stand still in todays Market, than you will lag behind.
  • Falling down is not defeat, Defeat is when you refuse to get up.
  • Your Ability can get you on top, but it requires character to stay there.
  • Winners are not the ones who never fails, but they are the ones who never quits.

My Profile

Name : Raviraj Raikar

Educational Qualification: BE in Comp Science, MBA in Finance

Designation : Business Analyst

Sun Sign : Cancer. 

Date of Birth : 17th May

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For any queries regarding MBA Institutes, Question Papers, Cat Syllabus, Exam Dates feel free to contact me at:

  • Electronic mail : catresource@gmail.com

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