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    Project Graduation

    Meeting Minutes 7/9/12

    What is Project Graduation?

    Project Graduation is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug free party designed to give high school graduates a safe alternative to celebrating their special night. Statistics have shown that students celebrating on the evening of graduation can experience one of the most dangerous nights of their young lives.   Each year, following their graduation ceremonies,  individual high schools can chose to hold a Project Graduation event. The event can be at their campus or a community venue. It typically goes until 5am the next morning. The graduates are fed and  entertained. This is an all volunteer run and organized event that benefits our school, our children and our community.

    Our Goal
    Is to keep our community incident free by providing a fun, safe place for these graduates.

    Organization Description and Mission Statement

    Project Graduation is an alcohol and drug free all-night graduation celebration for high school seniors and is modeled after the National Grad Night Network established by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  The mission of Project Graduation is to save young lives by providing safe and sober graduation night celebrations.

    Long-Term Strategy for Sustaining Project Graduation

    Project Graduation is praised throughout communities.  Its long term success is dependent upon a strong partnership between business and community leaders, parents, law enforcement, and school officials for fundraising, volunteerism, and logistical support.  Continuing to provide this high quality event that values the lives of our youth provides a model of community service for everyone.

    2014 Project GRAD

     Calling all parents…

     Project Graduation is a program offered at many high schools in the United States in which organized, adult-supervised and alcohol-free activities are offered as part of a post-graduation celebration, in lieu of student-run events with alcohol or drugs. The event often lasts through the night and can be held at various locations in the community. Students are checked for illicit substances before entry and are carefully monitored.

     A little history about Project Graduation – it  emerged in the Oxford Hills area (Paris/Norway) of Maine, in 1980, the result of community energies empowered through a state initiative. It has long since been recognized as a prototype for the nation, helping to protect the lives of graduating seniors in all states.

     All school-related functions are supposed to be chemical-free, but what makes Project Graduation different is the attitude of the students. They have made a conscious decision to enjoy their graduation night without alcohol or other drugs. And no other group, including parents and school personnel, can make that decision for students.

     One of the keys to the success of this event is the commitment of the parent volunteers that organize and facilitate this event for the students. Project Graduation is a non-profit organization at CRHS. And as such it is required to have a set of Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Parliamentarian). In accordance with its’ Bylaws, these Officers have to be voted in at an Election Meeting.

     Other than the organization of the celebration, its’ primary task is to raise a specific amount of money to fund the event for the students, enabling all CRHS graduating seniors to attend the overnight celebration at NO CHARGE. 

     Anyone interested in volunteering  for 2014 Project GRAD this year, please attend the first meeting in the Pro Center at CRHS on August 15, 2013 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. There will be an introduction, followed an Election of Officers. We must have “a minimum” of the President and Treasurer voted in to move forward. If you are interested in being an Officer or would like more information, please contact Dawn Watson at, or call 512/415-7090.  FYI – Dawn is not planning to be a PG Officer next year.

     Parents from every grade are encouraged to pitch in and lend a hand. You do not need to be a senior parent.

     Thank you for supporting this event for our next class of seniors!!



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    Our business community has stepped up for Project Grad 2014. Please say "Thank You" to our sponsors when you frequent their business. Our sponsors include: Joe Cestari of Total Facility Solutions, Torchy's Taco, Benny Boyd Bastrop, Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships, Capital One Bank, One Voice Communications, Forest Creek Family Dental, and Rick Kohl of LR Enterprise / Callaway Golf. Contact us if your business would like to join us. Learn more

    We have other great fundraisers underway including the Legacy Brick Campaign, Best You've Ever Seen 2014 t-shirts, and RRISD 5K Run March 1st (contact Sarah Savoy to learn more). 

    Visit us on the on the web or on Facebook to stay connected, get involved!

    All the best,

    The CRHS Project Graduation Team