This website is my online presence. It has things I feel are important about me, from a professional, academic and personal perspective.

I am an engineer by heart, and am proud to be one. Engineers are a special breed of people, empowered with the extremely strong problem solving skills, technical knowledge and the ability to transform raw material to utilities for the betterment of mankind.

I have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Pune, in my home-town in India, followed by a graduate degree in mechanical engineering, with a focus on design, from the University of Michigan. My work in Cummins has further fueled my passion for solid mechanics while exposing me to experimental mechanics and techniques. I've come a long way, from my humble start in a college in Pune, India.

I'm passionate about two subjects, which span two ends of the economic and social spectrum. My long term goal is to accomplish both, which is the key to my idea of a fulfilling life. On the one hand, I'm excited about the theoretical basis of solid mechanics and technological development in it's application, as well as experimental testing of structures subjected to mechanical, vibrational, and thermal loads. I am motivated by work involving understanding the physics involved, and developing numerical models (frequently finite element models) calibrated to experimental data. The skills I am developing in this area, have strong applications in the automotive, biomechanical, and aerospace industry. I think customers and employers who will want to harness these skills lie on one side of the economic and social spectrum.

On the other hand, I feel a deep strong sense of social responsibility. I want to - I need to - find economical solutions to the problems facing the masses today: sustainable food sources, affordable medicine, sustainable energy, effective waste management. I feel that it is engineers' like me who can alter the course of the world for the better, and who can develop efficient ways of resource utilization to resolve the worlds needs of water, electricity, health and food.

The task ahead is significant, and I am keen on working with persons with similar goals. If you have new ideas, or would like to collaborate on a project, I'd like to get involved. Look at some 
of the ideas I have here.

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