Interview with Mr. Sudheer Nair 

(CEO MyJet India)

[On Email] 

How VLJs will be useful in your fleet & which aircraft you are planning to acquire? 

MyJet™ is in advance stage of negotiation with ECLIPSE, for a fleet contract. We are also in touch with few more small aircraft manufacturers around the globe. VLJ- very light jet, is a new breed of aircraft with good performance, low cost of acquisition & low operating cost. As explained in our web site, we will be offering PER SEAT ON DEMAND passenger aviation services in India, where you can decide where you wanted to go, when you wanted to go and can value your time, which you can not do with scheduled operators.


How you will give shared ride as Air Charter is supposed to be exclusive?

There is no such rule that chartering should be exclusive. What we are doing is matching a persons itinerary with other persons instantly and coming out with a solution. At the same time our optimisation engine (WINGS-9) will consider, the whether, air worthiness of the aircraft, crew availability, yield etc. The passenger can fly to almost 350 locations in India, with out touching the main hubs, I mean point to point, at a rate comparable to full fare of scheduled airlines.


Can you give a brief about WINGS-9 system? 

Since the number of variables involved in a Per Seat On Demand model is Trillions, so working out a solution considering yield in 10 seconds time is just impossible for a human being. So we are developing a totally integrated IT platform, which contains, Demand projection module, on line booking & scheduling module, whether module, crew planing module, MRO module, demography profile module, statistical module, automatic flight planning module, etc .


How you will tackle the increase in competition?

As on today there is no one in market to act as a direct competitor for us. If you want to charter a plane (I mean Jet), you have to pay as high as 2-3 lakhs for an hour. To be a fractional owner too, you have to pay high amount. Here you have to pay for the entire plane wherein in our case you pay only for the seat that you take. I mean pay Rs. 12000 to 15000 and fly on our plane wherever you want.


How you plan to place your fleet?

        We have following three criteria to place our fleet :

      MyBase™- The main Base where we can carry out our major repairs & maintenance activities.

      MyPorts™- The stations where we will be offering our PER SEAT ON DEMAND services. We have identified certain stations in our country where there will be a need of extended travel, in the beginning it will be limited to 20-30 and we will add it gradually.

      MyStop™ - All other stations other than MyBase™ & MyPorts™, where we will offer services as a air taxi.


What will be your fleet size?

We are bringing 50 Eclipse by next 3 years.


Have you applied for NSOP or you already got it?

We started moving towards our NSOP.


Eclipse Aviation is in touch with many companies in India. So, how you will have competitive advantage over others?

We don’t want to be first wherein we are concentrating on winning the game, rather than being first. I know they are in touch with many, but nothing is inked so far except with Club One Air.


Don’t you think that Eclipse is too small to accommodate 2+3.

No, 3 can easily travel in it. Our break even is 1.75 passenger per flight.


How are you funding this venture? 

Required funds are available , both equity as well as debts. 


Eclipse cannot fly to RVSM. In that case how do you plan to deal with this fact?

RVSM is Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum. The goal of RVSM is to reduce the vertical separation above flight level (FL) 290 from the current 2000-ft minimum to 1000-ft minimum. This will allow aircraft to safely fly more optimum profiles, gain fuel savings and increase airspace capacity. Eclipse can fly in RVSM.