General Information

Greetings from Mr. Sheeks and Mr. Tanner!

The time has arrived to begin planning for Thespian State Conference and summer International Thespian Festival.  For those of you who have not been around or paying attention in previous years, information about the Thespian Society, the state Conference and the International Thespian Festival are included in the About Thespians page linked at the left.

For communications this year, there are two places you can get info.  We'll link these to the new RAHS Drama site soon, but for now you should like or bookmark one of these two sources.
Facebook Page:

Google Site: You are there.

Two great fundraisers are happening right away.

Group Fundraiser:  Midland Hills Haunted Hay Ride -- All conference or festival participants are expected to participate in this fun event.  It happens on Sunday, October 28th around 4:30 (after G&D).  There will be one planning meeting...time TBD.

Individual Fundraiser:  Herbergers Coupon Book Sales -- Some folks raised lots of money doing this, others not so much.  It depends a lot on how assertive you are with strangers at the store.  You CAN raise over $100 doing it if you are persistent.  There will be a meeting to get booklets and instructions soon...time TBD.

To sign up for either of these, please email Sheeks or Tanner.

To indicate that you plan to attend the state Conference in February or the ITF next June, please email Sheeks or Tanner (indicate which or both).


Sheeks & Tanner
Thespian Troupe Directors