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People helping people to recover from mental illness

in order to lead full and productive lives.

1009 New Hampshire, Suites C & D / Lawrence, KS 66044 / (785) 856-1222

    Founded in 2004, the Recovery And Hope Network (RAHN), Inc. is a consumer run organization serving people with severe and persistent mental illness living in Douglas County.

    RAHN provides them with a safe place to gather without fear of stigma, significant mutual peer support, leadership, training and educational growth opportunities, as well as socialization activities designed to eliminate self-stigma and self-isolation. Members learn to advocate for themselves insterad of being ashamed. 

    Peer support is based on the belief that people who have faced, endured, and overcome adversity can offer useful support, encouragement, hope, and perhaps mentorship to others facing similar situations.

    As a result, consumer-run mental health organizations (CROs) like RAHN have long been known to be highly effective in helping people recover from their illness and moved on to lead full and productive lives, rather than remain trapped in a cycle of relapses, hospitalizations, and a sense of hopelessness.


    When RAHN first moved to its current location at 1009 New Hampshire, a little over 3 years ago, we had 33 members. Now we have almost 250, with new folks coming in all the time.

    Some newcomers think we can help them ith the sort of assistance other agencies are designed to provide, such as housing, utility deposits, and the like. While we can refer you to the appropriate resources, the only thing we have is a "fresh fruits and veggies" giveaway every week from May through October because we get a weekly donation from the Farmer's Market.

    Other newcomers come in thinking that "peer support" means catering to their every emotional need. Needless to say, they soon learn that "peer support" doesn't mean "oh you poor thing. Let us help you wallow in self-pity." Nope. RAHN members offer a healthy dose of reality checks as part of the support we provide each other. And recovery requires reality checks.

    Most of our members are living with illnesses such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and/or schizophrenia. A number are also recovering addicts, so we provide a weekly dual diagnosis support group. Others may be homeless or near homeless. We don't judge. Ass long as you're actively working to get better, RAHN will be here for you.

    Check out our monthly calendar to see the typesd of support groups and activities we offer. With rare exceptions, everything is free as so many of our members simply don't have a lot of discretionary money. Most of our funding comes from an SRS grant. The rest comes from donations, other grants, and our annual Renaissance Festival booth where we sell funnel cake.

    If you have any questions, please call, email or just drop by! We're open from 1-5 PM Mondays through Thursdays and 1-7 PM on Fridays, as well as at other times if there's an activity.

     Hours:  Mondays through Fridays:  Noon  to 5 pm
                   Weekends: Special events and activities