Rag Quilt Purse Tutorial

    rag quilt
  • A quilt, usually using flannel, whose raw edges of seam allowances are exposed and then cut to form a soft fringe.
  • It is not a quilt made out of rags. The term comes from the fact that the edges on this type of quilt are left to fray and look ragged.
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  • (tutorially) by tutorials; in a tutorial manner; "undergraduates are better taught tutorially"
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  • A small pouch of leather or plastic used for carrying money, typically by a woman
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  • A small bag used esp. by a woman to carry everyday personal items
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rag quilt purse tutorial
rag quilt purse tutorial - Quilt Pattern
Quilt Pattern - Fuzzy Fence Rail
Quilt Pattern - Fuzzy Fence Rail
A Rag Quilt is constructed from flannel with the raw edges exposed on the top of the quilt. The quilt is washed and dried to make the edges fray, resulting in fuzzy exposed seams. This version uses 3 layers of flannel instead of batting.

The pattern gives directions for a lap size aprox. 40" x 58" and a twin size aprox. 58" x 80".

Yardage for (sm) (lg)
(1) (2) Yards each of 3 colors for top - one each dark, medium, light
(1) (2) Yards each of 3 colors for bottom - one each dark, medium, light
(3)(6) Yards of plain color flannel for center
...No borders or binding.
...No batting or backing is required

You may open the pattern on your e-reader or open it on your computer.

To open it on a laptop:
1. Go to your Kindle Library, go to "Actions"

2. Deliver to: "My Kindle for PC", click to deliver.

3. On your PC, open your Kindle Library, and open the pattern.

rag quilt
rag quilt
Rag quilt made with fabric designed by Saffron Craig. Sorry about the photo - I was too impatient to get a photo to wait for better light!
Charm Pack Raggy Purse
Charm Pack Raggy Purse
I am working on a tutorial for my blog.
rag quilt purse tutorial
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