Dear EncyclopediaDramatica Staff,


Rather than resort to legal recourse over an entire host of statements and accusations which are highly libellious, I thought I would email you to appeal to fix the article you have on myself under the heading of "FreeSaiyan". Your staff attempted to fix the article by doing some minor edits and moving it from Alcon to FreeSaiyan, however this is akin to minor window-dressing.


As quoted from your website, you state, "While the articles themselves are mostly satirical jabs at Internet users (both individually and in groups) and phenomena, bear in mind that the Encyclopedia Dramatica itself is a parody of a much less funny online encyclopedia. As such, ED articles tend to make fun of the supposed objectivity and accuracy, elitism, and stupid edit wars of such sites. In other words, expect blatant, biased lies, and expect boring truths to get deleted quickly."


I have nothing against satire and mocking - indeed I have found no issue with jokes against myself such as the amusing reference to me on Urban Dictionary which you can find here - ... FreeSaiyan . You can also find other examples where I even parody and mock myself, such as the Christmas message I made up back in 2007. These are just two off the top of my head, I am sure you can find more if you look around.


However, the article goes further than this and makes a number of accusations which are blatantly biased lies as are intended as more of a hate-campaign against me than of being there for parodic reasons. For all of these accusations there is not a shred of evidence, and indeed a lot of logical flaws in the arguments. These are the six main issues with the article -


1. It makes numerous references to myself being a pedophile. When applying for a job, most employees will do a standard check against my name. Such accusations, even from a "parody-site" are highly damaging to my career prospects in an age where employers will do a name check against possible employees on google. If this was true, do you not think I'd be in prison or in court by now? Also, our meet-ups do not even allow under 16s to stay over-night for exactly the reason that allowing those under the age of consent staying over would lead to possible law-breakings (it's not worth that risk).

2. The article seeks to imply that I have "zany get quick rich" schemes, implying I am some form of scammer. This is in spite of there never being a single complaint of financial impropiety from the events I run. We are a non-profit organisation, and copies of our books are made available to all relevant authorities. Again, if there was any credibility to this, I'd be in court or in prison by now.

3. On the subject of organisation. If I struggled to take care even of small-scale meets, amongst other such criticism then I very much doubt I'd be in charge of a 500 person event that is already at full capacity and which has a waiting list of in excess of 50 people. It simply is not credible.

4. Even some basic facts are not correct, such as the fact that I am 26 and not 28. It goes to show how much research the contributers to that article have done and how much they actually know about me.

5. A number of Alcon related accusations are made up, such as MCM Expo ever having "supported" us (this is laughable for reasons I won't go into), the dealers room being left unlocked (if this was true, I somehow doubt we'd have got all of our dealers, but one, back plus some more for 2009).

6. The quotes you have collected to try and add credence to the article are all taken from a single source, which is the petition. Most of it's signatures are from a similar (rather small) group and a number of them are also anonymous.


There are about a dozen other issues with this article, but I won't bore you with every minor detail. Surfice to say - the article sucks.


On Animeleague we believe this article has reached this point due to a number of reasons -


1. Tensions within the anime UK community resulting from Alcon being in the same city as Amecon. This has caused a number of it's attendees and fanatics to go and make shit up to discredit the rival event and to spread discrediting rumours.

2. A number of our banned members who are using this article as a means to extract some dumb revenge.

3. Our involvement in the Manga Alliance, which I have since apologised for - viewtopic.php?f=1&t=92015


In short, the article looks bad and it makes you look bad - it makes ED come across as a personally vindictive and petty community (which I am sure is not what you are trying to achieve here). On the 7th August 2009, ED issued an apology to AnimeLeague, but entirely missed the point of our objections. Almost all of these objections remain, and we would urge you to either heavily edit that article, or to remove it altogether.


Thank you for your time,

Michael Towers

Animeleague & Alcon Staff