Team Ragnarok

  1. develops ideas for game mechanics and mini-games and tests them

  2. designs levels based on mechanics

  3. develops ideas for enemy behavior

  4. talks with the programmer about implementation, troubleshoots code, and helps write code

  5. helps the artist with additional assets, direction, animation, and implementation

  6. helps the writer with brainstorming, proofreading, and implementation

  7. helps with organizing

    1. Develop creative, engaging, and believable character dialogue and interaction.
    2. Find, appropriately modify, and effectively implement mythology and culture.
    3. Engage with design to creatively intertwine the story with level goals and level design.
    4. Work with artist to develop visuals for involved creatures and characters.
    5. proofread all work to ensure consistent language and effective prose.
    6. Interact with programmer to ensure story ideas don't hinder or clash with programming capabilities.
    7. ensure consistency throughout team meetings and keep track of ideas throughout those meetings.

    1. Works with artist to ensure assets are imported and work within the Unity Engine.
    2. Works with Designer to create and design the playable levels in the game.
    3. Works with designer on game mechanics and internal systems (Combat, loot, etc.).
    4. Implements the above mechanics and systems in code so that they exist in the game.
    5. Help with brainstorming for the story and in game systems
    6. Code. Whatever needs programming, I will script it.

  1. Create designs for characters and enemies that appear in the game

  2. Research lore and various other things for inspiration and accuracy

  3. Collaborate with designer and programmer for style

  4. Create sprites