Raghuraman Gopalan
Ph.D, 2011

Areas of Expertise: Unstructured Data Analytics - Machine Learning (Anomaly Detection, Predictive Analytics, Domain Adaptation, Unsupervised Learning), Chat Analytics (Willingness to Recommend, Churn Prediction, Sentiment Analysis)Computer Vision (Object Recognition, Video Analytics, Face Recognition, Location Inference, Shape and Gestures) 

Applications: Big Data Services, Internet of Things (IoT)

I'm a senior scientist at AT&T Labs-Research in San Francisco. I work at the Intelligent Systems Department with a focus on heterogeneous data analytics, predictive modeling from big data, and large-scale classification problems. Prior to this, I did my Ph.D. at the University of Maryland's Center for Automation Research, under the supervision of Prof. Rama ChellappaMy dissertation addressed problems related to visual recognition from both statistical and geometric perspectives.

Email: raghuram {AT} research.att.com
Links: [Publications]  [LinkedIn]

Research monograph on Domain Adaptation published in Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision, NOW Publishers [link]
Paper on deep sparse coding for visual place recognition accepted at CVPR 2015 [pdf]