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Mushacadotnet is a .NET solution to Mushaca, an innovative idea proposed by Mr. Manohar Srikanth and Prof. Tim Poston of IISc Bangalore. Mushaca reports the angle of rotation - theta along with the usual (X,Y) values. Sample applications that make use of this angle are shown. You can visit Mushaca site at IISc here

This .NET solution primarily makes use of Raw Input API and Mouse Hooks. It requires two mice. The language used is C#. If required in other languages (VB.NET, J#) mail us at raghu.prabhu13 {at} yahoo {dot} co {dot} in . The project is open source.

Download Project Implementation Document and Slides here.


1. No special driver installation is required.

2. Mice can USB/PS2/TouchPad/wireless.

The documentation has been generated using SandCastle. Modelling is done using Spices.Net tool.

The demonstration video is in RAR format. After unraring it, use the given self-extracting archive to get the video in MP4 format. (click on it and choose the location for the video to be extracted to).

System Requirements: 1024X768 monitor, Windows XP SP2, .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

Optional but highly recommended: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Professional or Express Edition)

People involved in the project (All from 4th Year Computer Engg, NITK Surathkal, India):

1. Raghavendra D Prabhu

2. Vikram Subramanya (

3. Mounesh Badiger (