-a Grid encryption project 



This is a Grid computing project.
The middleware used here is Alchemi.
.NET 2.0 framework is used here.
Requirements: .NET 2.0,Alchemi middleware installed.
OS             : Windows XP
Gryto 1.0       
You can download it here
You can download it here


All of you may be familiar with digital signatures and RSA encryption.So you can see that they are  really slow.Several measures have been undertaken to  make them faster.Grid based method is the perhaps the optimal one. Here for hashing
SHA 512 bit algo is used.Grypto 1.0 does the signing and Grypto1.1 does RSA encryption.

How it works:
The input is a file.The program in the beginning breaks the file into blocks.Each block is handled to a different Gthread.
The program adjusts itself to smaller and larger files by adjusting number of blocks and Grid nodes.Each Gthread implementation just takes this block ,performs necessary encryption and writes them to a file "output.txt"

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