I am  Raghavendra D Prabhu. Currently I am working in Yahoo! India Research and Development as a Systems Engineer.


The site is under construction. Some of the links may be dead. It will be updated soon. Please co-operate. Hence, pages on this site (including this paradoxically) are out of date. For more current info, contact me directly at raghu <dot> prabhu13 AT gmail {dot} com.                

My areas of interest include Grid computing,Software Transactional Memory,Neural Networks and GPGPU(General Purpose Computation on Graphical Processing Unit). Also I like projects dealing with multi-threading/parallelization.


Also dont forget to visit GNeuron which is on neural networks and GPGPU. You can also read my HiPC(14th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing) paper/poster    here

You can also contact me at

raghu.prabhu13 {at} yahoo {dot} co {dot} in

New ! Video(10.4 MB)  of Ant Colony Optimisation in real life

This is in 7z format which after uncompressing is in MP4 format.MP4 can be played in VLC player, GOM player.

Also visit Mushacadotnet

My projects are,

1.Grypto Click here to go there


3.Philosopher. Click here to go there

4.Kohonen Self Organising Maps (SOM) .

5.Implementation of Kohonen SOM using Grid computing.

6.SearchMe -> a desktop search engine.

7.Monte Carlo method to calculate PI