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Welcome to R.A.G.E

R.A.G.E. (Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure) supports and campaigns for those suffering injury from Radiotherapy given as treatment for Breast Cancer.

The European Cancer Patient Coalition - - have asked for our support with their survey on COVID-19 and cancer 
which they launched recently.  

With their survey 'Mapping EU Member State's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and cancer' they are gathering information 

to understand the effect that COVID-19 has had on cancer patients and their treatment across Europe.

This information will give them an in-depth and wide-ranging view of how cancer patients have been affected during the Covid-19 pandemic and allow them to continue to help support cancer patients currently and during any such pandemic in the future.


They are looking for contacts from a broad range of cancer patients who have been undergoing treatment during COVID-19.

The more people they can reach the better. 

To meet this goal, they have translated the survey into all EU languages. 

By clicking here, you will go directly to the survey where you can select your preferred language at the top right corner of your screen.

They state that the information you entrust to them will be treated in a strictly confidential manner: it will be analyzed statistically and your anonymity will be fully respected.

More direct information about this survey can be found here.

Please do share your thoughts and experiences with this survey, as it is important for the ECPC to get as many patients as possible involved.

The Survey is a fairly simply series of questions and responses - and should only take about 15 minutes to complete !!

We will publish the results of this survey on our website and in our newsletter when they become available

Please ensure you understand that you will be sharing personal information and data with this survey
and that you are satisfied that it will be fully protected by

If you need any assistance with this survey or further information please contact our RAGE Committee on

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The founding members of RAGE drew up the following aims and objectives, each of equal importance.  

The Four Aims and Objectives of RAGE:

    1. To campaign for national standards in Radiotherapy.
    2. To raise awareness of the injuries and campaign for sympathetic medical care within the NHS.
    3. To seek compensation commensurate with the injury.
    4. To provide mutual support.

Each of these aims is strongly endorsed by the RAGE Committee on behalf of RAGE members.

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