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Minutian - Inwards

posted Jan 29, 2015, 4:45 PM by Hayduke X

Welcome to new Rage and Frustration reviewer Yin with his first review. - Hayduke

If there’s one thing that needs to be stressed, its that this album gets better the farther you get into the tracklist and with every subsequent listening. The first time I gave Inwards a listen, I was on the fence. Something about it made everything sound strange and it’s still not something I can quite put my finger on. Each successive track seems to improve, giving a feeling starting from very little and then building into something really great. After my first listen to the album I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it, so I listened to it again. I just continued like that until it really began to grow on me. I found myself liking it more and more each time to the point that I was somewhat worried that my rating of the album also keep rising with my newfound enjoyment.

Inwards hit a lot of my soft spots for music: haunting melodies that build up into righteous determination, lyrics that feel as if they’re full of meaning, and instruments that blend together to make it possible to go up and down in intensity. Some of this can be seen in track three Crust of the Earth, there’s many times where it switches back and forth from a soft melodic sound to strong, powerful cords that fill you with warmth and strength. There was a particular track on the album called Onus that has a piano near the end. Needless to say, I have a very large soft spot for bands that implement pianos into their songs, even though the one in Inwards was used very briefly.

On a different note, it should be said that this album is by no means special or unique. There are plenty of others out there that make similar music. However, I don’t want that to be taken as a “Go Ahead and Avoid This Album Because It’s Nothing Special." While it might not be utterly unique with crazy combinations that haven’t been heard before, what it has got has been done extremely well. Minutian should be applauded for that. Overall, I think Inwards is an album worth everyone's time and I wouldn’t mind owning a physical copy myself.

Favorite Track: Burning Bright & Redeemer (Both were too good to decide between.)

Final Rating:  3.5/5 - Yin