Penny Rug Tips

Care and Cleaning

Treat your new rug with care.  Treat stains immediately.  Brush gently or vacuum gently when needed.  Clean with a gentle soap and by soaking, squeezing and gently agitating by hand  in cold or tepid water .  Gently squeeze and press out most of the water and then roll it into a dry towel, squeeze and let it rest for several minutes and then re-roll again into another dry towel.  After most of the moisture is removed using this method, lay your rug flat to dry. Remember to steam iron your rug upside down with a towel or pressing cloth over the piece in order to avoid "shine" on the wool.

Alternately, have your rug professionaly cleaned. 

 Keep and treasure your rug for future pleasure. 

Today's handmade items are tomorrow's treasured keepsakes.



Stitching a "three stack"