Training for Addiction Prevention during formative years with a customized tool in a multi-stakeholder framework, New Delhi / 3 years

Main Objectives

We are proposing an evidence-based program that would be tried and tested in order to address the need which is socially important in child development. This program has the potential to influence addictive behaviours, for example, substance abuse (be it tobacco, drugs, alcohol); gaming; internet and mobile phone addiction; illicit use of over-the-counter medicines, glue-sniffing and others. This program will encompass a multi-stakeholder capacity building approach involving parents, teachers and others who participate in the development of a child’s formative years:

a) Creation of awareness on aspects that impact of negative perception in the development of a child’s formative years that may influence cognitive abilities; cause cognitive dissonance; stigmatisation, affect levels of esteem, bullying, succumbing to peer pressure, which all have been reported to escalate to addictive behaviour of sorts.

b) Prevention through capacity building by development and implementation of an adaptable evidence-based program that is locally prepared and will be partisan to the economic, cultural and social fabric as the variable factors within the primary school level

c) Creation of a validated and relevant program that can be safely adopted and adapted in local languages by all primary schools pan India shortly (see draft proposal)

The project budget is calculated on $49.024,50

Please check if your club/district would join this effort? A full partnership would be $2.500 for a club, if a full partnership is not possible any gift will help.

Primary contacts

Host club: RC Delhi Garden City, D3011, Vibhuti Sharma,

International Parter club: not yet determined, if interested contact: Johan Maertens, Managing Director RAG Addiction Prevention,

GG New Delhi draft proposal.pdf