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Marijuana Big Business

posted 8 Oct 2017, 09:59 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary

Are you concerned about marijuana addiction and how many young people are using marijuana? Are you looking to educate students, parents and your community about marijuana? Are you eager for parents and their teens to learn about some of the potential and unforeseen consequences of marijuana?  Are you concerned about the current marijuana debate and the impact it is having in our local communities?

Communities, schools, parent groups and local leadership around the globe agree – the video THEN and NOW: Industry Playbooks and Addiction Marketing, is one of the most useful educational tools for preventing local teen marijuana use.  Based on the best science and research available, this 11 minute conversation starter takes a look at how the tobacco industry pioneered compelling addiction marketing strategies to build a massive consumer base of lifetime users that led to a global public health crisis, and how the current marijuana industry is using all the same tactics to grow a new legal, commercialized giant that will hook young people to optimize its profit margin.

Click here to learn more and view the DVD as a potential tool for your addiction prevention program efforts:

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