Toronto 2018: RAG Webinar

posted 22 Jun 2018, 23:23 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary   [ updated 8 Sep 2018, 07:48 ]

As an outcome of the first RAG AP Global Grant, we are excited to offer a free webinar on how Rotary Clubs and Districts may get started in addiction prevention initiatives in their community.  This webinar provides an overview of how to become a member of the RAG AP and explains how to easily get started in local level prevention activities using the new Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminar Toolkit on Engaging the Community.  This Rotary Toolkit offers all the media, materials and instructional guidance needed to collaborate with leading local experts and stakeholders to implement needed community-based prevention education.

Watch this short 20 minute Webinar to learn more. 

This community-based education initiative is being launched in the United States and has been designed to easily be replicated from district to district. Piloted in New England, you may read about how leading district 7930 is promoting it here:

The initial Rotary Addiction Prevention Seminar was launched by District 7910's Rotary Club of Newton in Newton Massachusetts. This highly collaborative multi-district event brought community stakeholders together to learn about the driving forces of addiction.  A featured guest was Dr. Bertha Madras, an internationally respected public health authority on the addiction epidemic who served on the White House Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.  You may read about the event here:

Marijuana Big Business

posted 8 Oct 2017, 09:59 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary

Are you concerned about marijuana addiction and how many young people are using marijuana? Are you looking to educate students, parents and your community about marijuana? Are you eager for parents and their teens to learn about some of the potential and unforeseen consequences of marijuana?  Are you concerned about the current marijuana debate and the impact it is having in our local communities?

Communities, schools, parent groups and local leadership around the globe agree – the video THEN and NOW: Industry Playbooks and Addiction Marketing, is one of the most useful educational tools for preventing local teen marijuana use.  Based on the best science and research available, this 11 minute conversation starter takes a look at how the tobacco industry pioneered compelling addiction marketing strategies to build a massive consumer base of lifetime users that led to a global public health crisis, and how the current marijuana industry is using all the same tactics to grow a new legal, commercialized giant that will hook young people to optimize its profit margin.

Click here to learn more and view the DVD as a potential tool for your addiction prevention program efforts:

More information, how to work with the video and reactions:

Film Edventi

Drug and alcohol addiction

posted 7 Oct 2017, 11:44 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary

I’d like to share with you this resource about Drug and Alcohol Addiction. This material was put together by CollegeStats for individuals to understand substance dependencies and addiction – how to avoid getting trapped into unhealthy habits and other tips on adopting a healthier lifestyle. As you would probably agree, substance abuse carry devastating consequences and the cases among young people is growing at an alarming rate.... 

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Marijuana industry

posted 7 Oct 2017, 11:43 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary

“While drug, cigarette, and alcohol use are falling almost across the board, due to decades of work and millions of taxpayer dollars, kids are turning more and more to marijuana,” said Jeffrey Zinsmeister, SAM’s Executive Vice President. “It’s unsurprising now that the marijuana industry — following in the footsteps of the tobacco industry — is pouring millions into marketing kid-friendly edible products like pot candy... 

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Meeting D1620 Commission Prevention Addiction

posted 7 Oct 2017, 11:43 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary

Rotary D1620 Comm preventie mets on Saturday 11/04/15 and promotes Dutch Prevention Program for Parents and Grand Parents: “Als kleine kinderen groot worden” developed by the Flemish Association for Drugs and Alcohol (VAD).    

Smoking hookah: a growing trend among American high school students

posted 7 Oct 2017, 11:42 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary

A new edition of the Prevention Hub reports increasing use of Hookah smoking in the US. A study conducted in 130 schools across the United States found that nearly one out of five US high school students in their final year smoke hookah. While tobacco smoking rates continue to fall among American teens, hookah use is becoming more common. The study revealed several interesting facts regarding... 

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Cannabis use causes decrease of 8 points in IQ

posted 7 Oct 2017, 11:39 by RAG Addiction and Prevention Rotary   [ updated 7 Oct 2017, 11:39 ]

Nora Volkow, MD is Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in the United States. In her presentation she reviewed the recent trends in cannabis use in the USA and the effects of cannabis on the brain. Dr. Volkow mentioned the Dunedin Study during her presentation at the 4th World Forum Against Drugs in Stockholm 20 May 2014: In terms of brain development, the... 

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