Come and warm up at the January CCE Rafferty-Madden Branch Ceili on 

Sunday, January 21st at the 

Bergen Irish Association Hall, 

41 Omaha St,

 Dumont NJ.  

Live music with Eileen Clune Goodman, John Kennedy and Brendan P. Fahey is 

from 3pm-6pm 

and all musicians, dancers and toe tappers are welcome! 




Greetings Members and Friends of CCE Rafferty-Madden,

Thanks to Annmarie Acosta and to all the interested folks who turned out for the meeting on October 1 to discuss the future of the Branch as well as revisit the Comhaltas mission.  The outcome of that meeting was that people stepped up to assume the roles below.  In addition to the standard board positions, the leadership team has been augmented to include three committee leads to better serve the CCE mission and share the workload; to include the Ceili Lead, Music and Youth Programs Lead, and the Dance and Youth Programs Lead.  I appreciate everyone who has agreed to help move the Branch forward.  Also, I ask for our broader membership's support as the new leadership team embarks on this journey, and in particular to step up when volunteers are requested.       

Eileen Goodman- Chairperson (

Paul Keating-Vice-Chair (

Eileen Goodman- Treasurer (

Cecelia Beyer- Irish Language Officer & Membership Secretary (

Gwen Orel- PRO (

Gerry Kennedy- Auditor (

Mary Kennedy-Secretarial Support/General writing/social media support (

Ryan McCombe-Regional Delegate #1 (

? - Regional Delegate #2 POSITION MUST BE FILLED


Bridie DalPizzal- Ceili Organizer (

Willie & Siobhan Kelly-Music/Youth Initiative Team (

Regan Wick-Irish Step dance and Music teacher (

Membership News

It is that time of year where we renew our CCE Branch memberships.  The CCE Rafferty Madden membership form is on the website and has been updated with our Membership Secretary, Cecelia Beyer's, mailing address and the revised fee schedule.  Please make best efforts to submit your form and membership fees ASAP.   In particular, the new leadership team are required to renew their membership prior to the Mid-Atlantic regional meeting on October 22, 2023.    

Ceili News

Our next ceili will be on Sunday, October 15, 2023 from 3PM-6PM at the Bergen Irish Association Hall on Omaha Street, Dumont NJ.  Music will be provided by Eileen Clune Goodman, John Kennedy and Brendan Fahy and other musicians are always welcome to join in.  For convenience, members who plan to attend the October ceili can turn in your membership form and dues at that event, saving the stamp and the trip to the post office.  

The November ceili on Sunday, November 19, 2023, is not to be missed as Joanie Madden has agreed to play with John and Brendan as I will away in Chicago.      

 Next Branch Leadership Team Meeting

Our next Branch leadership team meeting will be on Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 1PM at the Bergen Irish Association Hall before the ceili.  The Branch Leadership Team should make best efforts to attend in person so we can start gelling as a team; however, we'll have a Zoom option for those who cannot make it in person.  Among other tasks, we need to fill the two positions on the board that remain open, Regional Delegate #2 and the Youth Officer.  

I look forward to working with you all and I ask for your patience as the team and I get acclimated to our leadership roles.  


Eileen Clune Goodman

Chair, Mike Rafferty-Joe Madden Branch CCE