Through the Door

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In a little over three weeks from tomorrow (Oct.16) Americans will go to the polls to select individuals to represent them at all levels of Government. This year though is a bit more special as the office of President is also up for grabs, an event that brings with it a carpet bombing of political ads and we should feel fortunate that we do not live in a contested state. President Obama (democratic candidate) and Mitt Romney (republican candidate) have for many months been attacking each other as well as promoting their plans to direct the nation into the future. This week Americans will have the opportunity to view the second of three debates the  two major candidates will participate in. What will happen is anyones guess.

The process of electing the American President has evolved over time. From the nomination process to how elections are financed and contested, what we have today was not what President Washington or President Lincoln went through. Over the next few weeks you can check back to learn more about the evolution of the election process.