Narrative Justice: BSA Conference

Narrative Justice: A British Society of Aesthetics Conference on Aesthetic Education from Theory to Practice is a two-day conference that will be held at Edge Hill University from Tuesday 5th March to Wednesday 6th March 2019.


Tuesday (Faculty of Health & Social Care, ground floor, H3):

1200: Lunch & Registration    
1300: Opening: Dr Rafe McGregor
1315: Title: Narrative Justice and Narrative Healing: Giving Story and Voice to Transitional Justice
          Speaker: Professor Sarah Worth (Philosophy, Furman)
          Chair: Dr Rafe McGregor
1425: Title: “The Man Who Passes the Sentence Should Swing the Sword”: Narrative of Penal Utopias 
                   in Game of Thrones
          Speaker: Dr Stephen Wakeman (Criminology, Liverpool John Moores)
          Chair: Dr Vladimir Rizov
1535: Tea & Coffee Break
1550: Title: Narratives and Understanding Criminal Behaviour
          Speaker: Professor Derek Matravers (Philosophy, Open)
          Chair: Dr Vladimir Rizov
1700: Title: Story, Voice, and Transformation
          Speaker: Ms Naziya O'Reilly (Philosophy of Education, Leeds Trinity)
          Chair: Dr Rafe McGregor
1800: Close

Wednesday (Faculty of Health & Social Care, ground floor, H2):

0900: Title: Withdrawing (from) Waste, and the End of Law: Reflections on De Lillo’s prophecies in Mao 
                   II (1991) and Underworld (1997)
          Speaker: Professor Ronnie Lippens (Criminology, Keele)
          Chair: Professor Andrew Millie
1010: Title: The Unwilling Subject: Image, Narrative, and the Politics of Gaze
          Speaker: Dr Vladimir Rizov (Criminology, Suffolk)
          Chair: Dr Rafe McGregor
1110: Tea & Coffee Break
1125: Title: Extremist Aesthetics
          Speaker: Dr Ajit Maan (Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason)
          Chair: Ms Naziya O'Reilly
1235: Lunch
1335: Title: Words and freedom: reading, writing and storytelling in prison
          Speaker: Dr Eileen John (Philosophy, Warwick)
          Chair: Dr Rafe McGregor
1445: Close

To register for a free place, email me at: mcgregor[at]edgehill[dot]ac[dot]uk