AFC Advocacies & Milestones

For over the years, the Regional Agricultural and Fishery Council (RAFC) XI has served as consultative mechanism on the agriculture and fishery programs of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and other government offices. These are among the best practices of the various functions of the RAFC:

For monitoring and evaluation, RAFC aims to include women sector of DA and Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fishery (PCAF)-funded projects and programs by conducting monitoring activity every quarter. It encourages women to actively participate as regular memebers of the AFC. This will help improve performance and achieve results of the completed projects implemented by the government through validation and recommendation.

Another annual undertaking is the Search for Outstanding Gawad Saka. The RAFC institutionalizes Agri Achievers by encouraging farmers and fisherfolks to venture into farming, fishing, research work and in any field directly related to agriculture. This is an opportunity to recognize their exemplary contributions in agricultural development. Other function included strengthening  of AFC camaraderie through Thanksgiving Mass held every 1st Friday of the month and Christmas Party celebrated every month of December.

Aside from the aforementioned practices of the RAFC, it also has some upcoming functions for the continued development of the nationwide network of AFCs.

For consultation, it advocates dialogue with the Local Executive Officers in which the RAFC set schedules to discuss support to the provincial and municipal officers. For advisory/advocacy/coordination, the RAFC promotes Department of Agriculture Retirees Association members (DARA) to join AFC so that they can share their knowledge and expertise on different fields. Moreover, RAFC also promotes LGU’s support to PAFC and MAFC consultation activities through submission of resolution requesting for additional ­budget addressed to local chief executive. In addition, RAFC advocates Seal of Agriculture and Fishery Excellence (SAFE) Award that strengthens and encourages the LGUs to support the agriculture and fishery sector. SAFE is a reward system for LGU which one of the priorities is the development of the agri-fishery sector. Likewise, the Rainwater Harvesting at Source (RHAS) advocates collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops and utilizing it at a later point which  can be purified to make it into drinking water, used for daily applications and even utilized in large scale industries.

RAFC continues to undertake various development activities in agriculture and fisheries, providing quality services to private sector councils.