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Message from the Executive Director

The National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC) recognizes the value of the private sector’s engagement with government in the business of development, specially in the agriculture and fisheries sectors. We believe that such partnership promotes people empowerment and good governance and by extension, sustainable development.

It is in this light that through the years, the NAFC has facilitated face-to-face dialogues between and among representatives of the government, on the one hand, and the private sector, on the other. The latter is composed of farmers, fishers, farm input providers, traders, processors, members of the academe, industry captains, and personalities of the  various non-government and people’s organizations.

These encounters take place in the regular and special meetings of the agricultural and fishery councils (AFCs), national sectoral committees (NSCs), and the National Agriculture and Fisheries Council (NAF Council), the conduct of which the NAFC has diligently supported.

With the development and launch of this website, the NAFC expands the ways with which it seeks to nurture the development partnership between the government and private sector in agriculture and fisheries.

By harnessing this new technology, the exchange of information in the consultative meetings in the AFCs, NSCs, and the NAF Council, will now be supplemented and strengthened through the information highway. Information sharing between government and private sector -- and among the subsectors that compose the latter -- will become faster, more frequent and more robust. It is a prospect that can only augur well for the accelerated development of agriculture and fisheries.