About me

My name is Rafael Valero Fernández (CV) [Valero, Valero-Fernandez], I am a Data Scientist at Keele University. Currently I work in a project (Knowledge Transfer Partnership, granted for Innovate UK) with Wood Mitchell Printers Limited to develop new services and product base on Big Data for marketing purposes.
I have degrees in statistics and business which I found particularly interesting in order to create solutions which bring real economic value.
I enjoy greatly learning knew things, statistics, mathematics, painting and coding.

Currently searching for new job which I could start on 7th of September.

Fields of Research

Primary fields: Econometrics, Computational Economics, Statistical Learning

Secondary fields: Businesses, services and product development, Big Data implementation

Here my profile on Linkedin, GithubIdeasMy Google Scholar Citations,  ResearchGate, Stackoverflow and my blog, where you can find piece of my research and coding samples.

Contact information:

Current Work Address:
Colin Reeves Building CR42
School of Computing and Mathematics
Colin Reeves Building
Keele University


Last update: November 2017