I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Southern Denmark.

Contact: rtr[at]sam.sdu.dk

Research Interests: Political Economy, Microeconomic Theory.



Inducing Cooperation through Weighted Voting and Veto Power, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2021, with A. Macé), [pdf].

Teamwork and Individual Productivity, Management Science (2020, with K. Flores-Szwagrzak), [pdf].

Welfare Egalitarianism with Other-Regarding Preferences, Social Choice and Welfare (2019), [pdf].

Voting Correctly in Lab Elections with Monetary Incentives : The Impact of District Magnitude, Party Politics (2016, with A. Blais, JB. Pilet and S. Labbé Saint Vincent).

Optimal Apportionment, Journal of Political Economy (2013, with Y. Koriyama, J.F. Laslier and A. Macé).

Computing the Optimal Weights in a Utilitarian Model of Apportionment, Mathematical Social Sciences (2012, with A. Macé)

Working Papers

A Model of Repeated Collective Decisions (with A. Macé).

Trump trumps Bush: Electoral Legitimacy in US Presidential Elections (with M. Van der Linden).