Rafael Treibich

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business and Economics at the University of Southern Denmark.

Research Interests: Political Economy, Microeconomic Theory.

Optimal Apportionment, Journal of Political Economy (2013), 121(3): 584-608.
(with Y. Koriyama, J.F. Laslier and A. Macé).
Computing the Optimal Weights in a Utilitarian Model of Apportionment,
Mathematical Social Sciences (2012), 63(2): 141-151, (with A. Macé).

Working Papers
How Much Can You Claim? (with K. Flores-Szwagrzak).
Axiomatic Foundations for CoScore (with K. Flores-Szwagrzak).
Coauthorship and the Measurement of Individual Productivity (with K. Flores-Szwagrzak).
Choosing When to Delegate: Endogenous Cooperation and Optimal Voting Rules (with A. Macé).
Welfare Egalitarianism with Other-Regarding Preferences.

 Co-authorship network of D. Kahneman  and J. Tirole. Lines represent collaborations of at least 100 citations per author, darker lines reflecting a higher number of joint citations. Nodes represent authors whose degree of separation from Kahneman or Tirole respectively is at most 2. For each author (i) the size of the inner gray circle is proportional to the number of single-authored citations, (ii) the size of the outer gray circle is proportional to the total number of citations and (iii) the size of the orange ring is proportional to the number of jointly authored citations credited to the author by CoScore (Flores-Szwagrzak and Treibich 2016).