2016, 2nd semester

Unicamp: Lecturer (postdoc). "Special Topics in Logic I: Introduction to Modal Logic for Philosophers (in Portuguese)". Graduation in Philosophy (Syllabus)

2015, 2nd semester

Unicamp: Lecturer (postdoc). "Computability (in Portuguese)". Post-graduation course. (Syllabus)

2012, from 2007

Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). Online tutoring assistant (Moodle). Fundamentals of Mathematical Logic. Graduation in Information System (6 courses).

2011, 2nd semester

Preparatory School for Secondary Education Teachers of the State of São Paulo. Online tutoring. Philosophy.

2010, 1st semester

Brazilian College of Saint Benedict. Lecturer. 'Critical Thinking'. Post graduation in juridical logic.

2010, 2nd semester

Unicamp. Teaching assistant (as a post-graduating student). 'Introduction to Logic'. Graduation in Philosophy (Syllabus)

2005, 2nd semester

Unicamp. Junior teaching assistant (as a graduating student). 'Introduction to Logic'. Graduation in Philosophy.