I pride myself in offering beautiful, professional outdoor or on-sight photography at a reasonable, flat rate, and a “no frills” service for Peoria, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Once we complete our session you will have your photographs within 7-14 working days, as well as a full print release and ownership of your photographs.

In addition, I have an open mind and an open ear for the type of session you would like. If you do not see a price listing that suites your needs, please email me at RNSisso@gmail.com and we can work something out. Rae’s Photography is a labor of love, and I am delighted to give you the best portraits that I can, with quality edits that you can cherish for a lifetime.

It can easily be said that with the age of digital photography, anyone can be a photographer. That may be true, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can create quality portraits. For more than ten years, I have shared my photography with family and friends. When friends and family request that I take their pictures, it is always a great compliment and I love to capture their memories through my camera lens.

After dabbling in my own creative endeavors, I worked as a paid photographer at a professional portrait studio where I learned a lot about the technical side of composing a portrait. I also learned that a good picture commands emotions, and usually has very little to do with how technical or “perfect” it actually is.

I quickly got bored doing 20 minute portrait sittings where I was allowed only 12-15 images for each session. I felt like my creativity was being under-utilized and it was clear that the goal was to take as many “good” pictures in as little time as possible.

Over time, I have developed an adventurous style that is simple, yet dramatic. Most of my portraits are composed using natural light, and special moments.

Contact me today so we can setup a special portrait session that will suit your personality and your needs. <3 Rae