Passau - Vienna - Tour 2014

A pleasure trip

Welcome  to our Radltour!

Sept. 17th - Sept. 20th 2014 


Raimund - vulgo the Chefe
Iris, age 66, retired
Elfi Ski

We did it again...: as nearly every year, we did the fall bicycle Tour Passau (Germany) to Vienna (Austria).
This time our Group has been complete. Raimund, vulgo the Chefe has joined us. He came with the train to Passau. We have carried one of our bicycles to Passau. After many complaints, he accepted this bicycle.
Our faith have been not so good this day, as Heide was in charge to carry Raimund's bicycle to Passau. Unfortunately she left it at Wels were we changed the train. The bicycle has been leaning for hours unwatched at the platform. At Passau: a big surprise: of course - no bicycle for Raimund. Telephone companies made a good business. Our first attempt to contact the German trains station officer was "we have no contact to the Austrian railroad company - everything is automated"... . Finally Heide found a guy at the ticketing counter who has private contact with a guy at Wels, were the bicycle actually was. Success! his guy checked, and the bicycle was still there. Unbelievable in this times we life. Heide went back with one of the next trains to Wels, picked up the bike and followed us to our accommodation.

Our tour continued smoothly the next days in extreme good weather condition.

We have modified our tour a little in order to check for "new" accommodations.

Enjoy the taken pictures and the report.

Good luck to our followers.


Road bike Tour Passau - Vienna (Austria)
Review of the bike Tour

Riding Distances:   65 kilometers (Passau - Innzell) 120 kilometers (Innzell - Grein) 120 kilometers (Grein - Hollenburg) 100 kilometers (Hollenburg - Vienna)

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

The very good weather in this years fall made us ride down the Danube valley.

Starting at the border city of Passau, whereas the river Danube enters Austrian territory, down to the Austrian capital city Vienna.

A very popular bike path.

Very good direction signs, very good and easy to find accommodations and food supply.   65 kilometers (Passau - Innzell)

 Iris's bicycle has arrived....
 Raimund and Elfi
 Elfi - a tough lady rider, never complaining...
 oh my god - how many miles more...?
 Heide's and Raimund's bicycle
 Raimund at the bicycle ferry boat
 Elfi at the bicycle ferry boat
 our room at Gasthaus Reisinger Innzell
 at the balcony, Gasthaus Reisinger Innzell

 left: the Danube bend at Schloegen - right the restaurant at Schloegen 120 kilometers (Inzell - Grein)

 Danube in morning dusk
 Iris's Schatzerl Heide
 our brave rider: Elfi
 just "eating" miles
 our rest at Ottensheim
 our short rest at the Danube water side
 my Schatzerl gets prepared
 and all the others getting prepared
 last view to the Danube shoreline
 Schatzerl, hurry up, we go!
 view to Grein from our hotel
 our room at the bike hotel Donaubrücke Grein 120 kilometers (Grein - Hollenburg)

 we started the day with a city tour at Grein
 and with ferry boat to the other side of the river
 a Danube channel at the city of Presenbeug
 a good eating at the Strancafe Spitz
 look at the face: eating is over...
 at our private room at Hollenburg (Wachau)

100 kilometers (Hollenburg - Vienna to Brunn am Gebirge - our home town)

 Chefe: leaving our accommodation
 my Schatzerl as well...
 Nibelungen monument at the city of Tulln
 The city of Tulln has an improved environment