Radnor Moths (VC43)
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These lists represent the current county moth list for Radnorshire (VC43).
Here you will find moth records from 1911 to the present. The data contains records from BIS (Biodiversity Information Service) and from members of the Radnor Moth Goup which was formed in 2007.
The data is in simple tables to allow for easy updating & faster loading.
Macro-moths are split into 4 parts as in "MOTHS of GB & Ireland" by Waring & Townsend.


Species Summary:-
Species - The Radnor Species List with first & last sightings
(new ABH numbers added)                (last updated 31/08/17)
Species pdf - latest VC43 species list as PDF for Smart Phone or tablet -New
Cover - Number of species recorded per 2Km square (31/12/16)
10km Square - Number of species recorded per 10Km square
Summary - Species & frequency summary of previous
years (31/12/16)
Distribution maps:-   (updated as at end December 2016)
Macro Moth Species - maps
Micro Moth Species - maps

RWT mag article spring 2017: 105 years of Mothing in Radnorshire 

Photo Gallery:-
Radnor Moth Group & New Species Photos - view 
                              (last updated 27/07/17)
Activities Calendar:-
Radnor Moth Group organised events - view 
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Moth Database:-  (new ABH numbers used, old B&F nos in far R column) 
part1-- Hepialidae to Thyatiridae ABH family nos. 03,50,52,54,65,66,68,69
part2a -- Geometridae  ABH no. 70.001 - 70.061
part2b -- Geometridae ABH no. 70.062 - 70.205
part2c -- Geometridae  ABH no. 70.206 - 70.305
part3   -- Sphingidae  ABH family no. 71, 72
part4a -- Noctuidae   ABH no. 73.001 - 73.170x
part4b -- Noctuidae   ABH no. 73.171 - 73.317
part4c -- Noctuidae and Nolidae ABH no. 73.319 - 74.009
part5a -- Micros part1 Smaller micros and Plumes ABH family no. 01-48
part5b -- Micros part2 Tortricidae ABH family no. 49
part5c -- Micros part 3 Pyralidae  ABH family no. 62, 63
Last Month  -- Records sorted by date, ABH no.
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