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“Fire inside,
It’s all you really are.
Admit it, and you’re
gonna go far…”

    These lyrics from the title track of Radium Hahn’s first album – “Firefly” are all you need to describe this innovative new band consisting of two brothers living on either side of the country. The new pop songs deliver slyly subliminal messages designed to wake the masses by reminding us that emotion “…is all you really are.”

    "Firefly" was mixed at Pogo Studios in Champaign, Il under the watchful eye of Industry legend Mark Rubel and was mastered by the Legendary Recording Engineer Terry Manning at his studio and state of the art mastering facility in Nassau, Bahamas.

    The new pop songs on Radium Hahn’s “Firefly” were the result of a large variety of influences including Pink Floyd The Wall, k pop music, Will’s jazz and big band experiences, Middle Eastern Music and even a bit of African Soukous Guitar. About 5 songs never made it to the album due to time and budgeting constraints. These songs will be included on the next album “Interceptor” which is currently in production.

    Will enlisted the services of Mark Rubel of Pogo Studios in Champaign Illinois to help with the songs. Mark Rubel’s knowledge (Currently a Professor of Recording Engineering at Eastern Illinois University) and use of Sophisticated Recording Technology increased the quality of the “Firefly” production to professional levels.

    Mark Rubel recommended legendary recording engineer and personal friend Terry Manning for Mastering of the Final Album who added amazing Warmth and Presence to the Songs instruments and vocals. Terry also commented on the unique nature of the songs saying that“he loved ‘Magic’” and “…I like it all, very spacey and innovative, not falling into the same traps so many are in today…”

Currently, the band is working hard to release their second album.  The album will be released hopefully by the summer of 2013. 

Lower Quality versions of Radium Hahn songs have been released as music videos on YouTube. 

    Will is also a member of "Urbana Sound Cloud."  Described in more detail below, the band released it’s first single “Love Hate Thing” late last year.  The song was released ahead of the album which will be completed hopefully by summer of 2013.  Visit the Urbana Sound Cloud Website by clicking below.