Radio Voice Italia broadcasted live actualities and select Columbus Day Parade events

from Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia on October 12, 2014

The graphic below to commemorate the 113th Anniversary of Marconi's Historic Trans-Atlantic

Wireless Broadcast was posted at precisely UTC/GMT 0:500 on Friday December 12th, 2014


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The second Radio Voice Italia broadcast home was in the Heart of South

Philadelphia - "The High Note Cafe" @13th & Tasker Streets

Dee Loglisci, Co-host/Executive Producer with Carole Shea, Mario Lanza's

First Cousin, at "Eddie Lang Day Philadelphia" event at Kimmel Center on

Oct 2, 2016. Richard Barnes produced the event with CIAO PHILADELPHIA

and conducted and performed in concert with his Philadelphia Premier

1930's Jazz Band, 'The Blackbird Society Orchestra".

Legendary Charlie Gracie with Joe Morinelli at "Cafe D'Angelo" on May 6, 2015

Charlie Gracie with Co-host/Executive Producer Dee Loglisci. Charlie appeared

as a book signing event for his autobiography, "Rock & Rolls Hidden Giant: The

Story of Rock Pioneer Charlie Gracie"

Columbus Day Parade 2015 - Joe Morinelli is interviewed by Mike Baldini of CBS

Radio on WIP Radio 610AM. Both WIP Radio & Radio Voice Italia broadcast

parade actualities from Marconi Plaza. Co-host with Mike is legendary

Broadcaster/TV Producer and personality, Bob Charger.

Dee Loglisci of Radio Voice Italia broadcasting Columbus Day Parade actualities from

Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia - 2015 (Pope Francis buttons still on hand!)

Felicia Punzo, recording artist, composer & actress at the Columbus Day Parade 2014

Felicia sang the national anthem in both English & Italian at Marconi Plaza

Felicia Punzo following her extraordinary performance for Radio Voice Italia's

100th Live Broadcast Celebration at Cafe D'Angelo - December 3rd in Havertown


Special On Air Guest at Radio Voice Italia's 100th Live Broadcast Celebration

Carole Shea Gagliardi - Mario Lanza's first cousin. (Cafe D'Angelo on Dec 3rd)

Lou Dipietro, guitarist/entertainer par excellence after playing to the sold out

crowd at the Radio Voice Italia !00th Live Radio Broadcast Celebration

Pictured at Cafe D'Angelo is Paul Marchesano, Felicia Punzo, Joe Morinelli,

Paul Mariani III and Lou Dipietro (in the rear)


Radio Voice Italia was honored to have as our guests Joseph & Camilia Nocella

on our February 4th live broadcast at Cafe D'Angelo. Joe is a composer/musician

and adjunct professor. Camilia, his wife, is a poet/writer and teacher. Her closing

poetry recitation featured Joseph on guitar accompaniment. Dolores Ferraro

(center) is an soprano/performer and adjunct professor. Dolores is a dear friend

and was a guest on Radio Voice Italia in 2013. She spoke of the life and

music of her late husband, composer/pianist/professor, Romeo Cascarino.

Annette Dimedio, pianist par excellence - professor & TV producer was a

guest on Radio Voice Italia at Cafe D'Angelo on March 4th. (or, The Calm

before the Storm!) If you missed the live broadcast check the archive

for her forthcoming recorded interview. Also, Carole Shea and Dottie

Todaro spoke about the one and only Mario Lanza.

In position at the Columbus Day Parade - 2014 broadcasting live actualities and

recorded segments for broadcast on Radio Voice Italia's October 22nd program

The Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia Andrea Canepari spoke to Joe Morinelli

at the Columbus Day Parade

Maria P. Donatucci, House of Representatives 185th District. Her dedication

to her Italian Heritage is unwavering

Legendary Jimmy Tayoun, Philadelphia City Council, PA House(D) and the

"Taylor to the Stars", Pat Scioli @ the Columbus Day Parade at Marconi Plaza

The Father of Radio at Marconi Plaza in Philadelphia (Joe's idol)

Dan Losacco owner of 'The Icery" in Lansdowne, Pa. Try his "Pumpkin" gelato!




Dee Loglisci in position at Radio Voice's Broadcast Booth @The Italian American

Heritage Festival at Rosetree Park - June 1, 2014

Dee Loglisci at the iconic/legendary "South 9th Street Italian Market Festival"

in Philadelphia. The defacto standard of Italian Festivals at the oldest

continuously run outdoor market in the USA. (May 17 & 18, 2014)

Sonny DeCrecchio, Chief Executive of The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market

was the special guest on Radio Voice Italia - broadcast on July 30, 2014. Pictured

also is Christine Hofmann, Marketing Coordinator. The Philadelphia Produce Market

is the world's largest fully-enclosed, fully refrigerated wholesale produce terminal.

The state of the art terminal serves as a model for others throughout the world.

As part of the expanded market profile on Radio Voice Italia, the following vendors

were interviewed, John Vena of John Vena, Inc., Paul Giordano of Paul Giordano &

Sons and John DiFeliciantonio of North American Produce Company.


Archived is the entire show as aired on July 30, 2014

The profile on the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market

begins during the second hour of the broadcast.

Program will start in 10 seconds

Andrea DiFabio, owner of Vinyl Revival spoke to Radio Voice about her iconic

Record Shoppe which features both new vinyl releases and classic older

records. It is also the place to catch an indie film by passionate up-and-coming

directors in their screening room. Interview will be aired on August 20, 2014.

Radio Voice Italia's Joe Morinelli had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole, the owner

of "Cafe D'Angelo" in Havertown on August 14th. Hear all about her trending BYOB

Italian restaurant. The decor is sensational and the food is Molto Bene!

The interview will air on August 27th, 2014 on Radio Voice Italia.

Pictured with Nicole is Rocky of famous "Rocky's Catering" in Havertown.

Dee Loglisci spoke to him about his business of more than 25 years that is

synonymous with impeccable Catering throughout the tri-state area.

Tune In to Radio Voice Italia on August 27, 2014 for his interview following

the profile on Nicole's "Cafe D'Angelo".

Joe with the wonderful Carole Gagliardi Shea ...... first cousin to Mario Lanza

Lou Testa of Testa's Bakery in Havertown. Best cannoli in suburban Philadelphia!

Pietro Del Pizzo was front row center at his custom Taylor Shoppe in Havertown

Joe on location with one of the crown jewels from the Radio Voice Italia Historic

Tape Recorder Collection. This very rare Sony EM1 has a "Wind-Up" crank!!

Circa 1961 and Serial No. 37. Just one example shot from Joe's collection as seen

in the German/English large format book, "Federwerktonbandgerate" - History

of Clockwork-driven Tape recorders. (a collaboration with 4 German historians)

Tommy DeFruscio, owner/a chef par excellence at "Pepperoncini Italian BYOB"

spoke to Dee Loglisci of Radio Voice Italia

Cole one of Radio Voice Italia's youngest fans at South 9th Street Italian Market Festival

Anthony Anastasio, owner of the iconic "Anthony's Italian Coffee House" at

903 South 9th Street in the heart of the Italian Market. Serving the defacto

standard for perfectly brewed and never bitter dark Italian roast. The

Prosciutto and melted Mozzarella Panini is a Radio Voice Italia favorite!

Joe Morinelli had the honor of interviewing Sen. Renato Turano from Italy.

The site was the Pyramid Club atop the 52nd floor of the Mellon Bldg in Philadelphia.

Watch this space for the interview on YouTube and additional photos in the Gallery.

Michael Bonasera of Filitalia Intl. on Radio Voice Italia's March 12th broadcast announced

Grand Opening of History of Italian Immigration Museum in South Philadelphia is scheduled

for June 1, 2014. Fundraising Event at Pyramid Club in the Mellon Building was on April 10th.

Radio Voice Italia You Tube featured interview from March 12, 2014.

Michael Bonasera of the History of Italian Immigration Museum

James & Connie Carino spoke of their extraordinary careers on Radio Voice Italia

Dee Loglisci with the Carino's following her interview with Connie - Aired April 2

Click here to listen to The Carino's interview - will begin in 5 seconds

Radio Voice Italia driving home the message & music of Mario Lanza in New York City.

Certified weekly listenership within the Empire State Building and in Manhattans "Little Italy"

district. Radio Voice broadcasted LIVE and on location from NYC - Summer 2014

Joe Morinelli of Radio Voice Italia was commisioned to record the soundtrack of the

American Premiere on opening night of Jago. Joe's interview with Karen Saillant and

Gianmaria Griglio (Italy) was broadcast on Radio Voice Italia Wednesday night,

June 29, 2013. In addition, exclusive audio excerpts were featured from the

June 26th rehearsal session.

Denise Montana was our premiere guest when the High Note Cafe

became the new radio home of Radio Voice Italia on Aug 7, 2013


Heading out to interview Renee Gilinger & Mama Maria on Passyunk Ave

Renee Gilinger, the executive director of East Passyunk Avenue Business

District & restaurateur extraordinaire "Mama Maria" on Radio Voice Italia

Michele Gambino, Tina Grassi and author/photographer Dave Lakatos of the

South 9th Street Italian Market Association

"The Family" - you got a problem with that!?

Operatic legend Elaine Malbin - Radio Voice Italia's premiere Mario Lanza Ball

after the gala guest, at the DoubleTree in Philadelphia

Radio Voice Italia in position at the High Note Cafe prior to our Wednesday night

Live Radio Broadcast

Dee Loglisci, Carole Shea (Mario Lanza's first cousin) Roy & Joy Jones,

Bryan B. Beacock ......"The British are Coming" - Radio Voice Italia guests

from the UK ...... or from "Across the Pond.

Radio Voice Italia - heard & seen in the heart of Manhattan .... and Brooklyn!

In position for launch on January 9, 2013 - the original access to the"cloud"

"It all started at a 20,000 watt radio station in Baltimore" ...... HA!

It was the very first radio station in what would become the dynasty

of Sinclair Broadcasting. A chain of more than 50 television stations

with affiliates of 6 major networks, including CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX.

Sinclair owns and operates, programs or provides sales services to

167 TV Stations in 77 markets. They operates at least 2 TV Stations

per market and reach approx 38.7% of US Television Households.

David Smith, a true visionary and inspiration.

(incidently, his dad taught me almost everything I know)

Broadcasting Live at Pollyodd with the First Lady of Limoncello, iconic Joan Verratti